My first encounter with Blessed Pope John Paul II

I know Blessed Pope John Paul since I was a child. I had no excuse not to know and follow the life of a very charismatic, kind, generous, loving and simply amazing Pope since I was born and raised Catholic.  Pope John Paul became one of myhereos from the time I entered grade school  (will never dare say which year… you might do the math :)).

Part of my childhood dream was to go to Rome just to have a glimpse of John Paul… just a glimpse even from a distance… I already calculated how much it would cost me to fly to Rome… and during that time I thought it would take a lifetime to save the money needed. Anyway, I didn’t really have to go to Rome to see him at a vantage point… I had my opportunity during the World Youth Day held here in Manila in 1995? I had to admit I chased the Pope Mobile carrying the Pope at Luneta while holding on to my prized possession a National Pocket Camera CT-1 model which had a 36 shots film roll.

Being in the shorter side was a disadvantage that time because there were thousands other chasing the Pope and are much taller than  me. I had to raise my arm and point aimlessly at the Pope Mobile praying hard that I would be able to at least take a good shot of him… fortunately I did have a shot of him but not as what I expected… nonetheless that picture was something I value most. One of these days when I’m not too busy I’ll try to scan and upload the photo here.

You are probably wondering while reading this note on why I reminisce my encounter with the Blessed Pope John Paul II. As I’ve said he is one of my heroes and I was delighted that he was beatified just recently. Pope John Paul loved us all, he’s had a pure heart and God blessed him.. and so the Blessed Pope will always intercede if we request him to.

Blessed JP’s intercession to God is so strong and I was able to prove that. Recently I’ve been praying and requesting him to intercede and he never disappointed me. Of course I only had small petitions but those were granted right awa,  just like a miracle when I know it’s close to impossible. Blessed Pope John Paul granted my request twice and without delay..

 I now speak with him regularly and he makes my day light even if there are a lot of burdens. He put a smile in my face especially at times when I know I can’t smile… He keeps me happy, made me feel better, inspire and most specially believe…..

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