I instantly fell in love with her voice the first time I saw her music video at YouTube.  I am searching for a music video of “Drama Queen” and came across hers’ which was on the top list of my searches. The artist I’m referring to was Suzie McNeil who’s a contestant and finalist on the CBS reality sow Rock Star: INXS. She made it to the final four and was the last female singer to be eliminated.

Suzie released two albums Broken and Beautiful and Rock-n-Roller. Drama Queen however is a non-album single released this year. What attracted me to the music video was Suzie McNeil’s ability to act and dramatize the song’s storyline. Her execution of being a drama queen was perfect yet hilarious. Ladies from all sizes and ages will be able to relate on being a drama queen.

Aside from her award winning performance, I also love Suzie’s voice quality. It’s clear, clean and the pitch isn’t too high or too low just perfect for a female rock star.

The videos storyline is simple and everyone will understand the plot of the lead being a drama queen. Overall production and design were kept simple not too grand for a drama queen however this simplicity showcased Suzie’s talent in acting. Oh dear I can still picture in my head her facial expressions in every scene 🙂

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