I’d like to write about my most beloved Labrador- Mango but somehow I still feel the pain after he passed away…
Instead I will share series of letters i wrote to a friend when it happened…and how we tried to comfort each other after we both lost our dogs. Some details were deleted including letters… I just chose three letters which I wrote to my friend..
Sharing this letter is my way of letting everyone know that we can cope with all the sorrows in life as long as there are people who love and will comfort us… These people are our families and friends….
1st letter
ughhh this new facebook format… anyway I feel bad tonight. I am out of town for work and received a bad news, my labrador died and didn’t survive the operation.
I felt bad because I was not able to hug him and say good bye before I left this morning… worse I will not see him for the last time since they will bury him tomorrow while I am away.
Our home will never be the same without him,  I terribly miss him… no more big furry lovable creature to greet me at night and wait for me to go to bed.. Ohhh I just realised that it hurts so much to lose a member of the family. . .                     I am looking at our pictures while writing and crying.. sorry I have to share a sad rather than happy and exciting stories . . . anyway I hope you’re doing great and would like to hear from you.  
2nd letter
Thank you…… Glad to hear that you feel for me.. Sorry I had to remind you of the sad truth that you’re about to face in the near future. I wish that my tears will dry sooner….wish that everytime I think of him or look at his picture or talk about him, I will not shed tears but rather smile and laugh about the crazy moments we had….
Mango was the best dog I’ve ever had. Please enjoy and savour the remaining days/months with your fox terrier…
I’m now in a fast craft on my way to Dumaguete an island in the southern part of the country.. I look like a crazy gal here….probably the woman sitting beside me is wondering why i have my sunglasses on inside the cabin, wondering why I’m crying silently while typing on my blackberry and watching a Jackie Chan film in chinese language!
Huh.. I look awful hahahaha …
..nth letter
Oh dear… I can’t express how I feel for you right now. I am hoping that this letter will make you feel better and put a smile on that lovely face. You have all the reasons to mourn for her, 12 1/2 years of fun, mischief and good time is something that is irreplaceable but worth remembering and celebrating. Mourn for her, cry your heart out, let out your sorrow and after that cheer-up my dear friend.I’m quite sure that she is happy right now and is in dog’s heaven with my most loved boy- Mango and all others. Also she might be thankful that you and your family relived her from pain and stress which she tried to hide from all of you because she felt that it’s her responsibility to keep you and everyone always upbeat.She was a very lucky dog, well taken care off by your entire family. I think she’ll like the place where your parents will lay her, somewhere close to her heart and where you can always visit and go back anytime you need fresh air and talk to her.Keep your….company talk to him about her, talk to your parents about the happy days you had with her. It will help heal the heart… I know because i’ve been there…. it will take some time a couple of months or more….

Now.. smile my friend… you have all us, we may not be able to replace her but remember you have all the love all over the globe… we’ll always be here to comfort and love you!

To the most beautiful and lovable dog in the world… may you rest in peace MANGO. We love and miss you!

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