I need a lab love

It’s been 1year and four months since a part of me died, never knew when will that part resurrect, all I know is that one day it will become alive.

That part of me died last year when my love, best friend, brother and my other self suddenly passed away- I am referring to my 6-yr old yellow labrador named Mango.

He was a family to us especially to me. He kept me company when I’m down, tried his best to understand the emotion called emptiness and sadness. He never said a word but he made me feel that he also suffered as much as I do.

He was delighted when I was ecstatic about something, he kept calm when my anger was on the brink of destroying myself. In short he was an extension of me. For almost 7years we shared everything until that untimely moment.

I thought that was the end, that I would never bounce back that our home will always be quite and missing him.

Everything changed when I woke up and decided that I need someone to keep me alive, to keep our home lively, to keep us all company. That moment finally arrived late July.

I decided to look and find a new Mango. The first time I saw his mom Camille I already felt that that was the right family where I shod adopt my new baby. Camille is a beauty, caring and well mannered and so I knew her babies would grow like her.

We came home with a yellow bundle of joy. He is perfect, he’s the one who will resurrect my the part of me which died. I named him G. Callen.

Callen made me alive again, made me look towards tomorrow and kept us all company.

He is growing really fast becoming an intelligent pup and a beauty like his real mom Camille.



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A typical Archer who loves to travel and explore. Very much fascinated with life and what it can offer.

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