Yubi Lax Germa

You will surely agree with me and raise your two thumbs up if I say that life is full of stress!! Don’t fret though there are so many ways to bust stress…

SPA, movies, dining, a long vacation and even shopping, yes shopping are good stress busters! A great massage will also make you feel better.

A busy schedule will prevent you from going to a SPA for a massage, and I agree no less with you. It has to be scheduled! Ha! Ha! Finding time to schedule a massage is also stressful!

I found a solution though 🙂 I can a simple massage even during my coffee break at work.. my secret YUBI LAX GERMA finger massager….I accidentally found this handy tool at Daiso Japanese Store….it was out of curiosity and since it is cheap, I bought it. A unit only costs Php75… Yes, that much 🙂 isn’t it lovely to hear, plus point it is available in my favourite colour

Anyway I have tried it and my fingers felt great and invigorated. According to its literature the YUBI LAX massager features and benefits are:
-roll-shaped with ergonomic design
-perfect for people who are using the computer for a long time
-it helps accelerate your the blood circulation
-allows you to enjoy massage conveniently
-makes your fingers more slender and keeps the hand skin smooth

Here is a photo on how to use it…


Now that I enjoy using this massager, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you for personal use and even as a gift to your loved ones and friends who needs a break and get away from stress 🙂

Have a stress free life! Ciao!

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A typical Archer who loves to travel and explore. Very much fascinated with life and what it can offer.

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