Where To Gas Up In Ilocos Norte

One of the advantages of driving your own car when traveling by land is that you’re free to stop in any point or areas that catches your interest. This can’t be done when commuting. On the other hand, spending a big amount of money for gas will make you think twice.

I have been traveling the country  (for work and pleasure) and most of the time I drive when I travel around Luzon. So traveling by private vehicles involves frequent gas up, I observed and realized the rend in gas prices in each provinces in Luzon.

So if you are traveling to Ilocos Norte or farther up I recommend that you gas up at Matias Shell Station in Sta.Maria, Ilocos Norte. The price per liter as I write this post is only Php39.51 whereas yesterday I gas up at Shell La Union I paid Php48.00 per liter. The latter is a purse-snatching station! La Union station price is higher by 33.8% which I think is a major robbery!

Comparing to other independent and other big brand stations in Ilocos Norte, Shell Sta.Maria branch is lower by 5% still! Another perk of this station, they accept FLEET CARD too 😀 

I hope this info is helpful to those who travel and drive a lot to the  northern part of the country.  #ilocosnorte #gasprice #travel #shell

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