NAIA Terminal 3 Overnight Parking Area

Traveling is one of the activities that I enjoy most, may it be for business or leisure, of course my preferred mode of transportation is by plane, road trip is great only if I get to drive and go with my best friends and sissies who are very confident of my driving skills ha!ha!

So one day, I scheduled a flight to Tuguegarao and it was my first to fly in that province, I have driven before and it was an adventure. The available flight was Cebu Pacific, the one airline I detest most….because I have had so many bad experiences with this company…. From flight being cancelled without notification and to being bumped off for no reason.

Imagine I’ll be flying in my most unpreferred airline plus checking in to the worst terminal in Manila, Terminal 3! Yes I don’t like terminal 3 due to passenger congestion hence one is forced to check in 2hrs earlier for a domestics flight which I don’t encounter when I fly Philippines Airlines at Terminal 2.

Anyway, I opted to bring my car but a bit hesitant since I’m not aware if I can park the car overnight…I researched and found out that I can actually leave the car for several days. The parking entrance is at the east wing of the building (best land mark for those who are challenge with directions, is that it is located in the end of the building facing towards the skyway ramp).

There are about 5 levels that you can choose from and best of all it is covered and well ventilated. I was informed that the 24hr rate is Php300 (flat rate) a bit pricey however it is safe to leave the vehicle in this area.
Three days trip in Tuguegarao was smooth, everything went well as planned except for the delayed flight of course, which really wasn’t unusual…I walked towards the covered airport car park….and I was quite satisfied because the car was there for one, but it’s fully covered with dust (skyway extension construction going on) however no complain at least it’s safe! Since the area is well ventilated, the interior of the car was cool and I didn’t have to stay for awhile to adjust the aircon temperature.

All in all I was satisfied with the car park area of NAIA 3 and I recommend travelers who’s flying overnight to just bring their car and leave at the airport rather than taking the cab. It is more convenient and affordable.

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