A Special Talabahan in Iloilo

I always look forward to my business trips, for me it is a breather. I was quite excited to fly again to Iloilo however my excitement was reduced to a minor disappointment after finding out that I’ll be traveling with the VP and what he wanted was to fly in and out only! Ha! ha!  So much for a relaxing business trip.

So we flew at around 5 in the morning, arrived in the airport past 6am and we took a cab going to the city to meet out business partner who would pick us up at McDonalds.

As early as 8am we were already conducting trade check and audit due to rescheduled meeting with the business partner. I requested that we invite our partner for lunch,  I was very particular with our sales rep and told her that I wanted our Japanese exec to taste the local delicacies, so off we go to Y2K Carwash and Talabahan in Ayala Atria.

Y2K is known in Iloilo for serving Talaba (Oysters), the first branch was somewhere in Mandurriao according to our business partner. He told me that the owner is a good friend of his. The business actually was a Carwash which transitioned into a restaurant. According to our partner, the customers of the Carwash would wait for their cars to be serviced, and while waiting (probably) it takes time to clean the car…. The customers requested for something to nibble… I would presume the Carwash was located in the hi-way and far from food stalls…. And that’s how the business started….

Going back to food…Mr. Vic (our business partner) recommend the following:

Native Cicken Adobo:

One whole native chicken for Php380. The adobo was cooked differently, it was fried and it’s loaded with butter and garlic!!!!! I cooked very good adobo and I have my two versions but this one is really tasty and rich! This is their signature dish and best seller. Even my Japanese boss loved it.

Next, we had steamed Talaba, dining in Iloilo will never be complete if you don’t order Oysters. One order is only Php75.00. Do I have to say more??? Talaba is simply tasty, I really don’t have to explain it😂

Order no.3 Sisig…..it is my boss’ favorite Filipino dish.. So we cannot not order Sisig every time we dine in a Filipino restaurant. An order isPhp170 only with egg….another delicious dish, their Sisig is crunchy 

Lastly dining at Y2Kmis not complete according to Mr. Vic if we don’t try their Garlic rice which is best partner with the Native Chicken Adobo! I have to admit he was right, I’m glad I did order garlic, again it didn’t disappoint us! It was heavenly.

They have a lot to offer however since we’re quite full we were not able to try all. Anyway you may find their menu list, if by chance one of these days you find yourself in Iloilo.

Happy eating everyone😉🍷🎂

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