3 in 1 Coffee Craze

Kantar Worldpanel revealed in their 2015 study that Coffee remains the “go-to” drink of Filipinos and I must admit I am one of them! Aside from confirming that coffee is the staple drink, it should showed that we Filipinos shifted from being a moderate to heavy drinkers…if the definition of heavy coffee drinker is more than 2cups a day then again I am one of them.
According to Kantar, 3 in 1 coffee is the growth driver, personally I do not think that we need Kantar to confirm this data and information. I worked for an FMCG company as sales and marketing head thus based on my observations during trade audit, the 3 in 1 category has been growing tremendously and can be seen based on the number of variants and brands available in the market, not to mention the volume displayed on shelves in every stores I have seen!

I prefer brewed coffee but if it is not available and I need my regular coffee fix , 3 in 1 is a good alternative than none at all. So talking of these variant, I recently saw in the market San Miguel’s 3 in 1 offering which caught my attention, the San Mig Super Coffee Barako! I was so curious and eager to try it.. Why? It is because Barako Coffee bean is my all time favorite!  I really love brewed Barako coffee beans particularly from Batangas!

So I purchased Super Coffee 3in1 Barako, I sachet contains 17gms and is worth Php5.90/ea. Trying to recall the prices of other 3in1 brands, I must admit this brand is a bit cheaper than the no.1 brand..Now, the question is taste and flavor.. Is it comparable with other rands or better? If the right amount of water and cup size had been used, 1sachet is enough. Flavor is comparable to other brand but the sweetness level is better compared to again other we’ll known brands. However, the reason I tried this is because of its claim, “100% coffee beans, tapang na tulad ng Kapeng Barako”…so my verdict….it’s instant! Flavor is far from brewed Barako beans but acceptable as 3in1… Be careful though and do not drink more than 2cups a day as calorie per sachet is approximately 95 and if you down 2 cups you’ll easily fill your 2000 maximum calorie requirement per day… which means that you’ll have to give up eating your fave food with very high calorie count.

Now, if you’re considering to try this brand, please do so….it wouldn’t hurt and who knows you might like it more than I

   I was in the hotel when I tried this and they gave me this tall mug instead of a cup

Drinking while reading is my favorite activity before going to bed! believe me if you drink coffee or any caffeinated drinks you’ll get sleep within the first hour after I take.

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