My take on motherhood

Motherhood is a dream for most women and it’s a very special gift that should be treasured. Being a mother means realizing the potentials of the children and finding ways to improve and develop them. I may not be a mother of a human being, but I always have been a mother to my four-legged babies! Yes… I call them my babies😉

Right, now would you like to hear about my baby? I have 4 babies, 2 dogs and 2 cats… But I’d like to speak about..or maybe brag  about my baby Labrador Retriever named G. Callen…. A warning though,  this story is filled with charm and love…and if you can’t handle it don’t proceed 😉 In the end after reading this you might want to become a mom too.

I had my first fur baby in 2003 however he passed away in 2012 and it was very painful for me and the rest of the family, even my neighbors were sad. It took us 1 year to recover from such pain (my first story in the site was about him) .. I promised myself not to get another yellow Labrador but simply looking at their eyeselted my heart.. So I bought another one and decided to once more become a mom once more.

When I first set my eyes on him… I know deep down that he’s the right boy.. So we took him home and named him G. Callen after my favorite NCIS Los Angeles character..I’ve learnt my lesson from my previous experiences, this time I only wanted the best for my boy and that includes regular check-up with his vet, vitamins maintenance, good food, unlimited hugs and love, regular walk and more.

As you may know, Labradors are hunting dogs and they love water.  Aside from his regular walk, I wanted my baby to experience swimming and to frolic in any body of water. One day, my sister and I decided to bring him in the beach. The nearest beach with clean and pristine water is in Ternate at the Marine Base. This place is managed by the Philippine Marine but is open to the public if there is no exercise. This place is called Boracay de Cavite by some due to,it’s fine white sand.

Off we go, Callen was agitated for half an hour because it was his longest ride ever, my sister sat beside him to comfort my boy and after another half an hour he was calm. We reached the area after 1.5hours, there were a lot of visitors so we decided to stay at the farthest end of the Bach so as not to disturb and scare people!   The guest were staring at us and we’re scared of my boy, though I kept on announcing that he’s harmless they didn’t believe me…. Who would if the dog is 50kgs heavy and huge….he’s an XL Labrador by the way…

Off to the farthest end we go…. All the while I thought he will immediately jump in the water but he didn’t..he was actually afraid …. It was entire new for him and suddenly his instincts didn’t recognize that it’s a body of water and he’s supposed to swim!

I ended up wading in the water, coaxing him to step in the water too.. It took several minutes of persuasion before he decided that it as safe and nothing to worry about…here’s his picture tentatively surveying the sea…and he waded in 

Callen’s favorite game is FETCH, he will fetch everything from my slippers, shoes, his toys and his favorite… STICK.. We p,aged the entire day and it seemed that he’s not running out of energy! I was tired!

Eventually he realised that he is a water dog and didn’t want to leave the water, he kept swimming and he were scared since he Mig have drank a lot of salt water without us knowing, here he kept himself afloat…

He even taught my sister how to swim! 😂😂 hahahahis souvenir beach butt shot😱He was telling me that he’s watching over the two guests… In case they will need helpMy sister pretended to be drowning and he was restless… Sensing that somethings wrong

My boy and and I all smiles after a very lovely day…

This trip to the beach prepped Callen for a longer travel and more adventures….am happy that his water loving side had been satisfied and that he is more keen to longer drive…

We had more adventures after this first trip, but I’ll write about it some other day ❤️

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