Where to stay in Dipolog City

Many of my friends normally express their appreciation of my job as it takes me to different places and an opportunity to see all 81 provinces of the Philippines for free. I can’t deny the fact that being a national sales/marketing manager, I have to travel and visit majority of the cities in the country to check the placement of our products.I have been to countless cities and provinces though I cannot say that I’ve seen all of them. My current goal is to virtually document my travel through selected social media sites, however my best of friends who have read some of my written works had encourage me to write a blog instead.

I have created this blog site, but frankly I prefer to write a story and share to my friends, to entertain them and allow them to see through my life in a more intimate manner rather than a information laden blog. Given such, I only write whenever I am inspired or I have so much time to spend. So now… I have time to tell you a storyπŸ˜„

Recently, my Japanese boss expressed his interest to meet our business partners in several region, as such, it means I will have to travel and accompany him. Our schedule was November 28-29 in Zamboanga Del Norte…particularly in Dipolog City. Knowing that November 30 is a holiday, I sought permission and decided to extend on the 30th and 1st of December for a holiday… I wanted to go to the unexplored territory of Zamboanga Del Norte (I’ll share this story next time).

Anyway, every time I travel, my only desire is to stay in a decent hotel….you might be wondering, what is my definition of a decent hotel. Well, a decent hotel means one with comfortable bed and pillows, clean sheets, clean toilet and bath, a functional AC and of course safe. Most of the small provinces has small hotels so it’s a luxury for me if the company books me in a 2-3 stars hotel in the provinces.

So, during stay in Dipolog, I was billeted at D’ Hotel Suites (very creative name right?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚) Our GA manager proudly told me that this is a new and good hotel and that they have airport transfer! Airport transfer is a luxury in Dipolog, because the major mode of transportation is a tricycle.Can you just picture me out with two luggage and an 11kg carton box full of our products (Gatsby) trying to load them all in this kind of vehicle! ( I’ll share a funny story about my tricycle experience in another post)

So thanks heavens, there’s airport pick-up! The staff who picked us up was on time. On our way to the heart of Dipolog I cannot not notice the development, more businesses and the streets became busier and traffic well traffic is heavy just like in Metro Manila.

The hotel isn’t so huge, it’s strategically located at the corners of Rizal and Osmena streets in downtown and a stone’s throw away from the sunset boulevard, the commercial area where you’ll find the public market as well as cathedral.

The reception and their front staffs were polite and helpful. My room was supposedly single deluxe but was upgraded to queen economy due to unavailability, at the same price. Below is their price structure (currently they have promo)What I like about this hotel is that the have paintings on the wall in every floors painted by the same artist, Didi Romano (she’s unfamiliar but I’ll google her name soon ha ha) .. Here are some of the paintings; this one greets me every morning, I see it every time I open my door!

Orchid paintings will smile at you upon exiting the elevator in every floor

Because I love the paintings I’m shamelessly posting these selfies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry guys, you have no choice but look at this… Glad I’m wearing two different tops! Meaning I took these photos on two separate days…

There is a mini gym where you can burn some of those calories! While staring at the firewall πŸ˜„ and that lovely painting!

A smoking room for those who must take their Vitamin C (cigarette) and if you’re an art enthusiast, you can again stare at the painting while puffing and puffing and puffing smoke!

But wait, I love to eat hence I’m happy to find out that they have Japanese restaurant called Umami and Β a bar, The Olive Tree at the 5th floor which had for ourselves on the first night! (No guests,probably we were too early that night, oh it was Monday night! Who in their right mind would drink at the beginning g of the week….)

I had Miso Ramen which actually is my favorite, light and healthy.

Breakfast is complimentary and served at Tonino’s their Filipino restaurant at the ground floor… I was elated to find out that they serve local delicacy like Spanish Sardines (a product of Dipolog)…. So I had this for 4consecutive days lol… Please don’t worry I won’t grow gills and fins …. I’m a pescatarian, I only eat fish!Entrance at Tonino’s and their coffee shop

Generally, Β I’m happy during my stay, the staffs are all helpful and friendly. Below are more photos for your enjoyment.

Reception and waiting area, not so huge but comfortable

Hallway and the city view

Lastly the room, both the queen economy and single deluxe and queen economy… The difference aside from the bed would be the number of paintings on the wall (just kidding) oh my single deluxe has Windows but my Queen economy none…. The window though has no view is facing a firewall, nonetheless still a window and I can see the sunlight!

Ok guys, I’m not promoting this hotel instead I’m just happy to share that for 4-days I stayed in a good and decent hotel! Yey! Cheers πŸ˜„πŸ‘

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