Dalampasigan Beach & Pool Resort in Sariaya, Quezon

“Thank god it’s Friday”, I usually say at the end of the work week, except one fine Friday morning when I received a call from business partner and request that I conduct a product training in Lucena City on Saturday at 4:00 PM.

To be honest, I wasn’t happy with that unscheduled ASAP request, however being a customer centric person, I agreed on the request. My plan for the weekend to was to sleep late and walk my dog in the afternoon were all canceled, though these were not my reasons for being unhappy, it’s the thought of driving 125kms one way  for 4 hours braving the  expected heavy traffic on my way. Me being a resourceful and organized person, decided to check options on how to each my destination with minimal traffic and faster route.

I found out about a new access road to Lucena City which was opened a month prior to my trip, it is the new project of DPWH, they cut through a coconut plantation in Sariaya connecting San Juan, Batangas and Lucena City, Quezon province. The access road is called Ecotourism via Sariaya. The access road is longer than the usual  route which is around 145kms from Manila-SLEX-SanJuan Batangas-Sariaya-Lucena as compared to the 129kms from Manila-SLEX-SanPablo Laguna-Lucena however the travel is only 3-hrs compared to 4-hrs via San Pablo.

I like to travel alone but this time I decided to tag along a friend because I planned to leave early to get away from weekend traffic. We left Molino, Bacoor at 9 and arrived in Sariaya at around 10:30am, I’ve told my friend to bring swimsuit and extra clothes in case we’re early and pass by the beach.

True enough the travel time was shorter, hence I figured out that its best to check the beach resorts in the area. First stop was at Monte Vista beach resort, upon entry, we thought its a a training ground for marine students due to life size ship that greeted us in the entrance (later on we found out that it is indeed a training center). The resort is huge, perfect for company team building, family outing and the like. They have a theme part sort of displays and playgrounds…. It seems that this place is lovely and great to stay in. We were disappointed however with the customer service and how they treat walk-in customers. I prefer not to mention why this place isn’t customer friendly, just a word of advice if you are only on a day tour this place is not advisable as they charge minimum of Php2,5oo for cottage and entrance only.

Before we left, we checked the beach area, the sand is gray and the water has a certain odor, fishy to be exact… Probably because this resort is near a small port…on a positive note this place is perfect for photography and photo shoot… Here are some of the photos taken at Monte Vista beach Resort

Path leading to the resort

Ship used for trainingThe entranceThere is a playground for the kids

I drove for another 4-6 kilometers I suppose and saw this gate leading to another beach resort, I was hoping then that we will be treated nicely compared to the first…

The parking area is just in front of the resort’ main gate and its big, I can count few cars and no buses so I was relieved that the place wasn’t busy and they have few guests. Upon entry we were greeted by a middle aged woman, she was friendly though.

We asked for the rate of a walk-in guests. We were told that for day tour. Walk-in guest they usually charge P1,000 for the cottage can can accommodate at least 8-10 people and an entrance fee worth Php100 per head. We can also use the swimming pools, yes they have 3 big swimming pools in different sections of the entire property… The resort is very big compared to the previous..

Since there were few guests and we won’t be staying longer than 4-hrs…. (Remember I have a 4:00 PM training in Lucena city) the lovely caretaker charged us Php500 for the use of cottage and of course Php100 for the entrance fee. I thought it was a steal already because we have the entire resort for ourselves.

Now you might be curious about the beach, I must say we’re satisfied… The water is crystal clear and blue and the sand lighter and finer than the previous… It wasn’t white but it’s light brown…and the water is clean and smelt fresh!  Here are some of the photos I’ve taken during the trip:

Light brown sand yet fine…don’t expect Boracay San quality though

That’s me surveying the place before taking the dip

On a very hot day, it is advisable that you bring your fave flip flops or you’ll get scorched! The sand is quite hot, I wasn’t prepared so I ended up wearing my reliable Rusty Lopez slip on 😂 I must admit this brand creates quality, long lasting and trendy shoes, sandals etc…I had these for 2 years and it haven’t given up on me yet!

The main entrance with its very neural guard and my friend goofing around

Dalampasigan Beach Resort also rents cottages and villas and smaller rooms for individuals, couples, groups and families, they also have playground for kids, gardens to relax or for photo shoot 

There is a common area for barbecue and grill by the beach and behind the grilling station are some of the cottages for day-tour rental There are conference rooms, restaurant and sort of an open space for big events

Another villapathways leading to another section of the property adorned with flowes and plants

And one of the swimming pool areaA much needed R&R after a hectic schedule

Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and your fave flip flops to protect your feet

Flowers in every corner of the resortHappy to know that the resort exercises safety procedures, they have signages and reminders in every corner, also direct access to the beach is not allowed all guests will have to pass through gates like this where the safety reminders are posted..

We stayed in Dalampasigan for 4 hours after that I drove to Lucena City to conduct a training. It was a pleasurable trip,  we were able to relax and catch up while lounging… Now this is how my work life is like….

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