Alternative to Starbucks

Starbucks! That’s the top of mind brand when it comes to coffee shop/ cafe not only in the Philippines most probably in different parts of the world! How can one get away from Starbucks if they built their cafe in every corner (ok I’m exaggerating here) of the central business district like Makati. It’s a slight exaggeration but hey in our block there are 4 Starbucks branches to choose from and one is at the ground floor of the same building where I work ha ha…. so how can I say no to Sarbucks if I need my coffee fix when it’s so convenient!!

Personally I’m not a Starbucks fanatic, but I love their Espresso. Yes. Espresso. (period 😂)

I love coffee so I make sure that I try different alternatives to the no.1 brand here. I make every meet ups with friends an excuse to check out and try different cafe. One day a friend whom I haven’t seen for a while decided to meet up in Estancia Mall in Pasig. She wanted Ramen and me coffee but reminded her to please, not Starbucks.

She recommended The Craft Revolution cafe, which is just actually a kiosk inside Estancia. They offer pastries, some short order meal which I wasn’t interested with. I ordered long black (which I presume to be their version of brewed coffee). Served in a regular cup size, their long black is rich and smooth, moderate crispness and with a mocha undertone. Added a spoon of brown sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth. For Php100 black coffee, I’m happy with it but not compared to espresso. Oh, my friend had latte by the way if you’re wondering what’s the other drink in the photo.

Also tried their Apple pie which aesthetically didn’t look good but goodnesss…after trying a small portion it was one of the best Apple pie I’ve eaten in my entire life! I can still feel the slight crispness of Apple and it’s fresh flavor! It was heaven, I’m not a fan of Apple pie but this one I love best. Unfortunately my reliable iPad Air crashed and I lost all photos except for the coffee (had it uploaded on FB).

There are several stand alone branches of The Craft Revolution coffee shop if you prefer a more relaxed and spacious location unlike that in Estancia. Guys, I’m not promoting this place, am just sharing my if you’re a risk taker and wanted an alternative to Starbucks for meet up, then you’ve got an idea where to go.

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