2017 FRIDAY’S TGIF Challenge …. 1st Friday

So many stories to talk about, thousands of photos to choose and share  and  countless adventures worth blogging, yet today I choose to write about numerous reasons to be thankful and express my gratitude to Him, not in one sitting instead every Friday. I’ll call it Friday’s TGIF Challenge.

The rule of this challenge is very simple, I’ll just write about everything that I’m thankful of, no matter how infinitesimal it is, every Friday. Technically it’s the 2nd Friday of the year however since I just thought about this idea today, my 1st Friday starts today.

On this 1st Friday, I am thankful to Him for keeping me safe and for the guidance everytime I am behind the wheel. Driving is one of my skills, it’s something that I enjoy ever since I learnt how to drive an automobile, at first I was very careful and slow until I was able to build my confidence and experienced speed. Speed is integral part of my life. I do almost everything with speed and of course accuracy 😉 I said almost not all ha!ha!

Again I thank HIM for the safe drives and trips, for giving me more patience and strength to brave the traffic laden concrete jungle. Driving is an adventure and the skills to do such is a gift from HIM. So, here are some of the photos taken during my journey, enjoy!

Love this photo reminds me of the first automobile I’ve driven, a 4×2 pick-up…

If all roads in the country especially those in the city are traffic free, I think I wanna shift career and become an Uber driver instead ha ha

But I will never ever drive a motorcycle and a tricycle, it’s dangerous, yeah driving itself is risky however using these types of vehicles is more risky.

And to cap this story here’s a 43-sec raw video (supposed to upload 5-mins but it takes forever 😂) of me driving in a stunning place…brace yourself and get ready be awed by the view.. P.S. a friend shoot this amateur video



Oh and a bonus video because you’ve been good… I’ll write about this place soon, so each out



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