Blooms of Sagada

I find beauty in everything that I see. While hiking in Sagada, I saw ornamental and wildflowers abound. The weather in mountainous area is perfect for flowers and fruit trees since it is cooler than in any part of the country. This year the temperature dropped to as low as 5degrees celcius which is unusual in a tropical country like ours. 

 I’m always attracted to plants especially flowers, as matter a fact I love to grow ornamental plants at home aside from fruit bearing trees and flowers.

I took several photos of these lovely flowers even weeds with colorful buds,  probably you can help me name them. Looking forward for comments and I hope you will like these photos.

I believe these are called Asters….

Poinsettia as tall as a tree

Single petal Pink lovelies in front of a coffee shop…

Layered petals….

Why combine different flowers to create a bouquet if you can have this fuscia bouquet

A bit lonely to look at but the color contrast is attractive

This purple weed flower is plenty and can be seen everywhere during the hike. .

This tangerine bloom which I cannot put a name I think is cultivated.

Daisy I suppose?


Weed aplenty 

You may find this unbelievable but its my first time to see this variety of Dandelions…. I want to blow the petals and make a wish 😂

Two different varieties of Bleeding Heart….

I tried my best to create a magazine like cover. . Hoping that these photos will put a smile on your face and make your heart leap with joy… well as inspire you to find beauty everywhere. 

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