The EXIT: a speakeasy bar in Makati

If Working 40-hours a week is physically and mentally draining, especially if the organisation is expecting a lot. To be productive, one has to be physically fit and maintain a healthy mental disposition by taking time-out and relax. There are so many ways to relax after a hectic weekday like attending a yoga class, spending time in a gym or simply reading a book after work. On the other hand that’s not my idea of chilling on a Friday night. I prefer to go out with a friend or group of friends if they are available. Now, you might be wondering where do we go to relax and unwind.

Well, the place to chill depends on who i am with. Last Friday, I am with my bestie who prefers quiet nooks  with some class. Since she was also stressed and it was high-strung week for both of us, I decided to invite her in a speakeasy bar just few blocks away from our office.

At 7pm, we drove to The Exit bar which is located inside Corinthian Building in Paseo De Roxas cor  Gamboa  street… actually it’s just few blocks away from 6788 Ayala where my office is, but the weather didn’t look cooperative that night. The bar location is very discreet and the entrance looks like an exit door. It’s quite small and intimate, because we were early,  we got to chose a comfy seat. It’s dimly lighted and smoking is prohibited.

Fronting the bar.. 

We ordered quesadillas and cheese sticks for starter and i had their house blend cocktails where as my friend had ginger ale. Food was good and serving size will satisfy two, in fact we weren’t able to consume all. Okay, let me go directly to the cocktails as that was the reason I went there ha ha. .

First, the bar tender recommended Easy Street a combo of Gin, Cucumber etc.. it was very refreshing with just enough proportion of alcohol! The ingredients are simple and thinking of mixing this at home. Round two, I ordered De Rigeuer, imagine Bourbon with honey??? Whoaaa…im happy I ordered Easy Street first cause this one is sweet and smooth….simply great to end my cocktails session ..loved it as well..

The Exit’s  list

I had Easy Street We were having a great time but the bar became crowded by 9:30pm and the group that we saw when we arrived were already rowdy and shouting we can’t hear each other.. not to mention this caucasian guy with a date who smelt like curry that was seated beside us hahaha…. It’s a tell take sign that we have to move!

Anyway my verdict, it’s a very great place to chill, just the perfect cocktails, food and it’s affordable.

Whilst the night is still young and we weren’t able to chat properly about work and lady  stuff, we decided to chill at Raffles Makati. There are several options at Raffles like Long Bar yet we opted to lounge at The Writer’s Bar. The place is good for afternoon high tea, it is very cosy, relaxing and serene! I had coffee and molten lava to pump up my adrenalin.

The walls of this bar are decorated with books, some of which were launched there. I enquired if I can borrow one to read, and I was allowed… I ended up reading HOW TO BECOME SINGLE… as if I don’t know how… I’m the expert in this field! Why did I  have to read this book anyway… probably the effect of bourbon and alcohol in my  system ha ha , after two sips of brewed coffee and a taste of molten lava… I realised the book is nonsense lol…i know better. So we stayed in this place until 12am… we were so comfortable that we don’t want to leave but  it’s already Saturday.

Here are photos of the place and me chilling.

Molten Lava…

Tips for those who plan to lounge here, there’s a valet service, only pay Php50 for the service, order a minimum of Php1000 in the bar and have the receipt validated, parking is free for the first 3hours. Wi-fi  is also available and signal is excellent just ask for the password from the bar crew.

To sum it up, the idea; is to first chill in a speakeasy bar, let lose of those pent-up emotions and stres, then cap the night by lounging in a quiet and cosy hotel bar…lovely idea right? Oh …. lastly you should chill with someone cool and an excellent company😊

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