Writing Poetry

Writing is a relaxant. It clears my mind and comfort my heart. Being too busy with work and other matters makes me feel bereft at times. So, this weekend I’m nourishing both my mind and heart by writing a poem. Suddenly, I’m in the mood to write, maybe it’s the effect of regular gym work out or probably because I purchased a girly notebook or better yet, Bonnie Neubauer’s book had inspired me. Whatever the reasons are, I’m happy with the result.

My inspirations 😉😉

A girly, floral and pink notebook

My new writing exercise book

Here’s the poem I wrote in 10mins while waiting for my car to be washed:

Near Me

It’s an open airy field
With sky so blue and cloudless
The wind blows softly
Whispering ever so gently

Wild colorful flowers abound
Seems like they are always around
Green grasses provide them company
Both they look so lovely

Oh it is such a beautiful day
Keeps my heart beating happily
And yes this is how you make me feel
Every time you are near.

I intend to give this poem to someone special, but for now I’m sharing it with you guys😉😀 Cheers!

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A typical Archer who loves to travel and explore. Very much fascinated with life and what it can offer.

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