Evia Lifestyle Cinema 

Philippines is fast becoming a jungle of shopping malls. In the area I live, there are two huge malls within the 500m radius from my house not to mention the smaller ones outside. There are advantages with two malls in the territory however the disadvantages outweigh the previous.

I am writing this to highlight one advantage, that is, we the consumers are given more options outside SM Supermalls which is by the way the biggest and undisputed animal in this jungle. So, today I am in the mood to watch a movie of my fave actor, Liam Neeson, The Commuter. The movie isn’t screened at SM so I decide to checkout the newest player in our area, Evia Lifestyle Cinema in Daang Hari. Unfortunately it seems that cinema website isn’t available (or it isn’t in the top 20 searches because i didn’t see it after consulting my bestfriend Mr. Google) so I had to rely at clickthecity.com for screening schedule. Warning though the data is inaccurate, it states 11:55am screening, however it was actually 11:35am,  was late for 10mins due to other moviegoers who can’t decide which seat to choose from.

The film was assigned in VIP Cinema and I know it will be costly however i was adamant to catch the first screening. And hola! I paid 410pesos for a 1hr 45mins movie…while walking towards the VIP cinema I kept on consoling myself that it is Liam I’m seeing he’s worth than that! Also i have the cinema for myself its like a private screening… a date with him… alright…i’m a bit exaggerating here..there were two other souls watching aside from me.. they’ve been very silent so technically i felt that i have the cinema for myself.

With 410pesos, i sat on a leather seat, quite spacious, it isnt a lazyboy though.  The seats are limited, probably good for 100+ people.. what i like about is,  the seats are well spaced apart, if there are noisy or a bit rowdy customers, they wouldn’t disturb their seatmates that much. The floor is heavily carpeted thus elliminating noise from those walking and preventing the sound to bounce back. The soundsystem is dolby atmos.

I was not able to take photos inside the cinema but i took photos at the gallery while taking a call. Here are some of the gallery photos, i think you will like the interior.

The ticket counter

I am not quite sure if it this cinema will help me forget that i paid a hefty amount to see Liam Neeson haha

Waiting area

Love the lights on the ceiling

Am confused if the neon signage is busted or its just a design to create an illusion

Now if you are to ask me if I will recommend this cinema…the answer is YES! The ticket is quite expensive but what the heck.. this place is serene, not crowded, spacious, with interesting interior design and above all very clean.
Live the Dream!

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