Unlimited Samgyeopsal

Are you a Korean culture fan? Do you like Korean drama and K-pop artists? How about Korean food? If you are a food lover probably you also love eat-all-you-can or buffet offerings of Korean restaurants. If such is the case and you live in San Fernando Pampanga then I have a good news for you.

Last week while conducting trade audit in Pampanga with my team, we came across and discovered a Korean restaurant that offers eat all you can Samgyeopsal! We found it by accident after stopping by Jenra Jumbo Supermarket to check the placement and display of our products in that store, the mini-mall is located along San Fernando-Angeles Road in barangay Maimpis. The restaurant is called “I love samgyupsal” and kidding I’m not,.

So, we came lunch time and the place is empty which made us think twice if we should try it or not. Anyway, we decided to give it a go..The rates are reasonable, Php290 for all pork, Php390 for all beef and Php490 for unlimited combo of pork and beef. I enquiries why there were few clients and we were told the resto is full every evening.

The crew will serve the meat for grilling which I found more convenient rather than going back and forth for refill. Personally I find it a more efficient and cost saving process, left overs are controlled and less waste. The customers however will have to refill the side dishes themselves. The side dishes affected are the usual Korean offerings like spicy chicken wing, japche, miso soup Korean style, and others I can’t remember what it’s called haha because I didn’t try them. The side dishes are delicious and tasty, and the meat they serve is fresh and with less fats.

Inside the dining area… the place is called I ❤️Samgyupsal Buffet…the name is so straightforward haha.. the owner by the way is Korean married to a FilipinaThe side dishes to choose fromThe meat is in a separate corner served by the crew, and it is freshIts samgyupsal timeI love preparing Samgyeopsal…I have a secret but please it’s just between the two of us…I ate Samgyeopsal more than my two male colleagues hahaThe super happy trio … who wouldn’t be? We just paid Php290 each for a yummy buffetSo if you are around the area why not give it a try👌😊😉

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