Vista Aplaya Beach Resort in Mabini, Batangas

One need not book a flight just to go to a lovely and relaxing beach resort in this country. Some may say that the best resorts are down south (in Visayas and Mindanao) but I beg to disagree. There are still clean and beautiful beaches near Metro, Manila.

A to go place is barangay Anilao, Mabini, Batangas which is just 3-4 hours drive away from the Metro depending on the traffic condition in EDSA, SLEX and Star Tollway😀 I have to stress that traffic condition in the major thoroughfare and road conditions in Batangas are major factor in determining the travel time. Well, on my part it will be a breezy 2.5 hours drive because I live in Cavite which is near Batangas not to mention my driving skill haha… I love speed…so more or less it gives you an idea.

Anyway, we discovered a beach resort which is lovely, quiet and private. It is located in Anilao, Mabini, the place is nearer Bauan if you take Mabini-Bauan circumferential road. The resort is called Vista Aplaya.. it’s a bit hidden from the major road so you must take a careful look at the small signage so not to miss it. From the roadside you’ve got to drive probably a good 500m downhill and I warn you the access road is one way, very steep with 15deg turns…kinda scary if you’re a newbie and driving an automatic.

When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly staff and introduced to the owner Mr. Lopez and his grand daughter Janelle. It is a family vacation place turned into a resort. The tandem manages the place, and they are very accommodating. Vista Aplaya is quite popular to well-known politician and those in the high society.

Vista Aplaya has 6rooms. The best room faces the sea, it has a porch which one can unwind and it can accommodate 4-5 people. The other rooms has the same capacity, and they’ve got an attic room too. The place can accommodate maximum of 27-30 guests and may be rented and closed exclusively if all rooms will be used by one group.

What I like about this place is that it has a pool and a beach front good for swimming and snorkelling. If you are not a beach person you can just lounge in the pool. Also of course it is quiet and hidden with limited guests… it’s relaxing and that is how I wanted my weekdays… quiet, away from the hustle and hustle of the city and few people.

By now you are probably wondering about the rate, one rooms will cost Php6000 for an overnight stay with free breakfast. You can add Php450 for dinner and lunch. Day tour is Php1200 inclusive of lunch.

As I have said the owners are accommodating, friendly and warm. They even served iced tea when we arrived, brewed Barako Coffee while chatting over a Cinnamon roll. It was a relaxing day spent with new people we met and I wouldn’t trade it with another normal day at work.

Enough with my stories, instead let me share some photos for your viewing pleasure. I promise you, what you see is what you get, the photos weren’t altered and nor did I choose the best angle or spot to make it beautiful… Vista Aplaya is really a gem.

Me at the gate

The Pool area

The most wanted room in the resort and it’s porch Other roomsView of the resort and its gardenAnd common areaThe beach yey..So this is Vista Aplaya, my new weekend destination. I hope you like what you saw and my weekend stories. Will share my next adventure soon.

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