Plant Photography with IPhone X

I love plants, who doesn’t? Because I love plants, I also like to grow them in our garden as well as take photos of these lovelies. Talking about plant photography, I usually use my Canon camera but with smart phones abound, I started use them frequently than the cam.

Yes I own a smart phone but it doesn’t mean I am a gadget person, I don’t update my equipments unless they gave up on me especially mobile phones. For me it is unnecessary, however one fine December my IPhone 4S gave up on me after 7-years! All of a sudden I got myself a new unit, IPhone X. I felt bad and cheated after I got the new unit..simply because I haven’t fully discovered it’s function and I realised I paid a hefty amount! Geezzzzz this is the first time in my …nth life that I spent so much money on a mobile phone! Hahaha

Fast forward, one month after, I am now happy with my IphoneX. Discovered some of its function and still discovering. The camera is ok but I still prefer Samsung S7 Edge’s pro camera. I found out that IPhone X camera is good for outdoor shoot especially with natural light.

As I have mentioned at the beginning, I love taking photos of plants. One writer describes plant photography as an exercise in celebrating colours and I totally agree! Plants has the most natural vibrant colours that you can find…and when one look at it, our senses are touched by something indescribable. On my part they make me happy and relaxed…..thus becoming my hobby and therapy from a stressful corporate life.

Here are some of the photos I shot with IphoneX. Oh please don’t ask me to name some of the plants because honestly I don’t know the names of some of them…though we have them in our garden.

First photo simply because Yellow and Green are my fave colours😃

Ok, Blue is my third favourite colour, NO! Pink is not in my list of favourites .. sorry to disappoint you guys…we have this flower in front of our house.

Marigolds? Maybe…. look at the unique colour combination..

Guess what.. Orange is my fourth fave haha. In fact my wardrobe is full of orange clothes😂

And yes, she is a sunshine in my life and maybe yours too…

Heart, heart, heart, Happy Valentines!

My aunts’ baby dwarf Bougainville…we have different varieties and colours in our terrace…they flourish under direct sunlight.

This one I found while walking in Sudlon, Cebu.

Did you know that it is advisable to have a Cacti… they say it wards away evil spirits.

Another unique coloration..

Coconuts and the sky..

We also plant herbs at home like Oregano

Feeling better? I know by now your sense are awake and take you feel something indescribable, the colours have had an effect I guess. Please let me know how you feel and hope you will also take time to stop, smell the flowers and take some photos😃 Happy weekend.

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