The bookworm in me is smitten by the big bad wolf! The biggest book sale in the world (that’s BookXcess’ claim) got me captivated! This is the first ever book sale organised by BookXcess in the Philippines that offers as much as 80% OFF on all titles, both soft and hard bound books. I am quite satisfied that im sharing tips on how to make this experience enjoyable.

The event was soft launched at The World Trade Center in Pasay City on February 15 and will end on February 25. Oh before I forget, the ENTRANCE is FREE unlike other events similar to this.

My sister and I went to the event on its first day, February 16. There were so many people but there is no need to rush, the event is open from 9am until 11:59pm, yes! That’s almost midnight, though I can’t really recommend the best time to visit.

There are so many options/ genres to choose from…fiction, non-fiction, biographies, references, self-help and most of all children books! The latter’s option is so much that I can assure you, it will burn your wallet and plastic cards even if they are on sale! You will be tempted to get them all, that I am so sure of.

Since it is a very huge event, with so many options, I will share tips to make your book hunting adventure enjoyable.

1. Wear comfortable clothing and most specially comfy pair of shoes. The display floor is so huge and the queue to cashier is long.

2. Make a list of titles that you will hunt for, and ask for assistance from the customer reps to save on time.

3. If you’re not hunting for a specific title, then at least prepare for a list of genres you would like to check on. The display area is organised by genres and signage were displayed for easy location.

4. Upon entry get a shopping cart! It isn’t like a supermarket wherein carts can be found in some corner.. due to heavy foot traffic carts are scarce sometimes.

5. Ok.. before you even enter the hall, I suggest that you have your photo taken at the entrance if you are into picture taking.. once you enter there is only one exit and you cannot re-enter with your shopping bags, you will have to leave them at the concierge or your car.

6. As I have said, there is only one entrance and exit points and they are far apart, so GO to the TOILET before anything else. Also make sure your stomach is full, food and water is not allowed inside.

7. Sample books are provided, if you want to browse use the sample book.. be a courteous shopper, do not open sealed books! They are all brand new, you don’t want to ruin them.

8. Take time to look around before deciding on final title, so therefore go early, so you don’t have to rush!

9. If you have company, half way through shopping you may want him/her to queue on your behalf because believe me the line is really long. We did this, while hunting for a certain title my sister is already queuing. It saves time.

10. Make sure you have enough cash, or you have your credit or debit cards ready, though the books are discounted, you will still spend a lot……

11. Prepare your calculator, it is better that while on queue or shopping you are already calculating the cost of all those books you placed in the cart…if you think you’ve exceeded your budget..return them back, do not just leave them on the floor like some discourteous shoppers I encountered.

12. Oh, I do not suggest that you tag along your baby, toddlers kid, seniors who needs care…the place is too crowded for their comfort.

13. Lastly, enjoy! Do not complain that the place is over crowded or the queue is long… what do you expect????? I have been hearing a lot of people complaining and I was just laughing at them…

I hope the above tips will help you prepare for the Big Bad Wolf! Here are some of the photos taken by yours truly.

The venue

Love their lighted signage before the entrance.

Shopping tips… I might go back for more titles..

Signages are everywhere for easy location of books and genres

If your cart is full have them stored and get another empty cart

This one I got for only Php230 yay….

Baby book for my niece, hard book for only Php190

Believe me, I spent more time looking at kiddie books hahaha

A Mitch Albom fan…an addition to my collection

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