If you will go on a road trip, which do you prefer being the driver or the passenger? If I am to answer that question, that would depends on how far and long the trip would be. If it is a short trip (short for me is no more than 100kms) then I would prefer to drive but if it would take more than that…oh baby..I would pay anything just to be the passenger πŸ™‚
Being a passenger has so many perks, but what I like most is I get the chance to enjoy the view, smell the fresh air, and take photos along the way, of course not to mention that I don’t have to stress myself…driving in the Philippines is stressful, believe me, even in the remotest area. Though I must say I became a very good defensive driver because of my training in the Philippine roads πŸ™‚
You are probably wondering, where will this story lead to. Well, I just want to talk about my short road trip to La Union. Of course, again the trip wasn’t for leisure, its work related as usual! I had to attend a meeting in Dagupan City and then conduct an audit in La Union. So I drove alone from Cavite (that’s where I reside) to Tarlac City to pick-up my subordinate and then off we went to Dagupan City. It was a 200+km kilometer drive and unfortunately my staff doesn’t drive so, yours had no choice πŸ™‚
Along the way, we saw ricefields, greeneries, valleys, trees, lovely formation of clouds on a clear blue sky, cows…. almost perfect… then came the trucks, jeepneys and tricycles hahaha. We were so fascinated, that on a regular basis we would stop in the shoulders, go out of the car and just inhale the fresh air, get bathed by the heat of the sun and appreciate the beauty around us. For me it wasn’t a regular treat, I live in the city and rarely will I see less traveled roads and undisturbed greeneries.
I was so enthralled about what I saw, my eyes and my spirit were filled with a different energy… and due to that I took photos to capture the experience forever. After reviewing the photos, my delight was overwhelming that I wanted to share to you what we saw. The place is not a tourist destination, it is not an attraction but its simplicity made my spirit smile and I hope it will make yours happy too.

She is my favorite every time I pass by SCTEX, my morning therapy..a very invigorating and radiant lady.


This is the lovely landscape that I wanted to capture while driving in Pangasinan, it took several shots and a lot of photobombers to capture while parked at the shoulder


Photobomber No.1 a very colorful commute bus πŸ™‚

Photobomber No.2 a neat truck and its very calm and relaxed driver πŸ™‚


Photobomber No.3 the new king of the Philippine roads, tricycle!


After so many takes and waiting…at last the road is clean and free of photobombers. Isn’t it a calming view?




If you agree that the lanscape is refreshing and energising please like this story and share with someone you wanted to gift with a smile. Thank you and happy weekend dear.

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