LGBP Sonogram

“You’ve lost weight? You look slim than the last time I saw you.” A friend remarked while we are eating snacks one hot afternoon.

“You think so? I feel huge and my tummy is bulging.” Was my reply while complaining about the bloated feeling.

“Well if you are feeling bad about it why don’t you go see a doctor and consult.” -she retorted.

It doesn’t hurt if I see a doctor, I told myself. So I went at Asian Hospital and Medical Center to see a Gastroenterologist. I wanted to find out if what I’m feeling is normal. Being a Biochemistry graduate student with undergraduate degree in Chemistry, I knew for a fact that whatever I feel is just normal, nonetheless I still went to see the doctor, anyhow I have a health card to shoulder the cost.

At the doctors’ office the conversation went this way:

Doctor: Hello. How are you feeling today.

Me: I am good Doc.

Doc: So what are your concerns?

Me: My stomach Doc, it is bulging and I feel bloated. Is it normal?

Doc: Ok , I will ask several questions before we conduct the physical test…

So the standard questions were asked like, history of illness in the family, my lifestyle, medicines I am currently taking, my medical history etc….

Doc: Based on what you have told me it seems that you do not have any medical problems, if your concerm is your bulging stomach, I think it is just  your normal body built, you’re a bit stocky…

If you were the one told about being stocky  probably you will get offended, instead I laughed and told my doctor he’s funny. I can’t blame him for his comment because my mother’s side of family, their built is really a bit bulky 🙂

My doctor of course was just conducting initial assessment based on my claims. A physical test was done. Nothing hurts during the test, I was even giggling because I am ticklish and every time he pressed on my stomach I can’t help but giggle,  ok  honestly, not really giggle I was laughing.

Several minutes after the physical test, my doctor suggested that I should undergo LGBP Sonogram/ Ultrasound to rule out possible problems like Cholelithiasis. He also prescribed Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics (to keep the stomach healthy), there’s no problem with my bowel movements, in fact its more than twice a day which is normal for those who are physically active and in the gym daily. I was also given another medicine to expel the air in my stomach which cause the bloated feeling.

Did I still undergo Sonogram? Yes I did, it is a bit expensive test but I personally think that being thorough is better, after all health is wealth. The procedure requires the patient to have an empty stomach 4 hours before the scan to get a very clear picture especially of the gall bladder. In fact, I had to undergo re-scan of my gall bladder because I might have miss calculated my claim of last meal prior to the test. The test wasn’t painful, there is nothing to worry about. It is simple and you can even see the screen while scanning if you are interested to see the action  like me 🙂

At Asian Hospital the patient can wait for the results if the test is conducted early.  Now… the most exciting part…and maybe you are also excited to find out what caused my big tummy…. well the sonogram showed… food!!! Ha ha ha my stomach is full of food! OK! I am just joking here..

So the impression of my Liver, Gall Bladder, Biliary Tree and Pancreas after 6 years was…. tadahhhhhhhh…. they are all NORMAL and HEALTHY yay….. I took good care of them 🙂

Here’s how a normal and healthy Pancreas of mine looks like if you are interested 🙂

My healthy Liver although… really I have to look closely at this sonogram picture.. it doesn’t look interesting at all 🙂

Lastly the Gall bladder, if you see that pear shape image that’s the it and it lies beneath the liver

Reading the results delighted me because taking care or myself paid off, I am healthy. I never abuse my body, I do not drink too much alcohol, I eat in moderation (though my tummy isn’t as flat as I want it to be) and I exercise.  I just have to work harder on my ab exercises 🙂 yay

The lesson here are… first take good care of yourself, being healthy is a gift to yourself and to your loved one. Second, do not be afraid to go see the doctor if you feel something or a condition is bothering you. Early detection of an illness can save life and money! Lastly, always think positive it creates a difference, take it from an optimist like me 🙂 

Remember; To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. –Buddha

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