Homemade Moringa Tea

img_5330.jpgMalunggay is a common vegetable in the Philippines. It is also known as horse-radish tree or Ben oil tree in English, its scientific name is Moringa oleifera. Moringa has so many nutritional benefits, it is rich in vitamins and Minerals. According to Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) of the Philippines it was revealed that one hundred grams or one cup of cooked malunggay leaves contain 3.1g protein, 0.6 g fiber, 96mg calcium, 29mg phosphorus, 1.7 mg iron, 2,820 mg beta-carotene, 0.07 mg thiamin, 0.14 mg riboflavin, 1.1 mg niacin and 53 mg ascorbic acid (Vit. C). Imagine that, you don’t even have to buy those expensive multivitamins instead eat 1 cup of Moringa!

For those who doesn’t eat Malunggay leaves, I recommend that you drink Malunggay tea instead which you can buy from any supermarket. However if you have a tree in your backyard, I suggest that you create your own homemade tea instead. Thanks to my sister Aura who is by the way a food technologist, she taught me how to prepare my own nutrient rich concoction.

Here’s the process on how to create your own homemade Malunggay Tea:

1. Air dry Malunggay leaves for 15 days, place in a bag with holes and hang. Do not expose on direct sunlight

2. 15 days later you can prepare your Malunggay tea.

3. Place an ample amount of dried Malunggay leaves in a cup

4. Add freshly boiled water (the secret of a good tea is freshly boiled water at the right temperature, that is 100deg Celsius I suppose)

5. Soaked the Malunggay leaves for 1minute or 2 if you prefer it strong

6. Strain and separate the leaves from the water

7. Add 1 tablespoon honey and lemon juice for flavour

8. Enjoy your tea😃🍵

I love the taste of a freshly prepared tea with a hint of lemon and honey, it is refreshing. So why not try creating it now and let me know if you love it. Cheers and happy weekend.

Here are some photos of my prepared Malunggay tea.

Used this Finnish innovation for tea preparation. Thanks to my friend Jen it was her to gift me last Christmas

Lemon and tea go togetherimg_5330.jpg

Cheers guys, drink and stay healthy❤️😀

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