Attending training or a seminar is one way of improving competency at work. Lucky are those whose company has enough budget to send their employees on a regular training every year. How about those who work for an organisation that does not allocate monies for skills development of their employees? If you are one these employees who work for an organisation who can’t afford to send you to a training, seminar or workshop, worry not,  there are a lot of free training offered by  different organisations, all you have to do is search for them. There are private, charitable organisations and government agencies that are conducting free training on a regular basis.

One of these government agencies that offer free training is the National Wages and Productivity Board which is an attached department of the Department of Labor and employment. I am actually following their Facebook Page and came across their post inviting participants for a free training on improving productivity through social media marketing.39910365_2143116015712295_1139205152884916224_n

Their Facebook Ad is simple and with limited information though if I needed more, I must call. The curiosity in me set in and decided to contact them to attend the free training. I was surprised to find out that the application for a free training is quite thorough. Even more amazed because the training offered, comes with a certificate of completion to be handed on the same day, and it will be held in a hotel in Malate and lastly meals are provided since it is a whole day event. The organiser which is the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board – NCR was very accommodating, they even asked for my diet preference, and I must personally say very good communicators, a week before the event they have been consistently following-up and confirming my attendance.

The training was held at D Circle Hotel in Malate, as communicated it started at 9:00 A.M. and ended at 5:30 P.M. The participants are from different industries ranging from agricultural to travel industry. I came in early and decided to sit in front, when another participant came in, she’s in her early 20’s I suppose and she decided to sit beside me. I was amused by her because she is so sociable and friendly.  So, the training started with a prayer, an ice-breaker which was interesting, all participants where tasked to take a selfie, create a hashtag and post on the FB Page created for this training. An on the spot online poll was created as well to vote for the best selfie and hashtag. I didn’t follow the instruction instead of a selfie I posed with my seatmate Trish and posted the photo with a hasgtag #DOLEgoesSOCIAL..

..mind you I got the fourth highest vote and thus I won this lovely mug from the agency 🙂

We were also required to sign an agreement with the Agency wherein we have committed to cascade the seminar in our respective companies at the same time create a project to be monitored by the agency if implemented.

The seminar focused on improving the company’s productivity through social media particularly Facebook. Now, I do Digital Marketing, so this is nothing new to me nonetheless I found the training refreshing and informative. The speakers are knowledgeable and confident. The training outline is very engaging and it kept us busy the entire day.  We were given two group outputs for that day, we need to create an FB page using the criteria given to us. I was lucky enough to be grouped with young, trendy, creative and funny participants thus making the tasks much easier and fun although we had limited time.

Below are the link to the page where you can find the outputs of the participants:

Our final task at the end of the training is to create an action plan to improve productivity of the company I work for, using social media.  Activities to be undertaken had been stated including the timeline, resources needed and person responsible. I had to complete the task based on my target date to finish and evidences must be submitted to the agency that it was indeed implemented.

In conclusion; I was happy and really appreciate the initiative of the agency to help companies improve their productivity by conducting free training. The event was professionally organised, the resource persons are competent and knowledgeable and the course outline is easy to understand and engaging. For a free training this event exceeds my expectation. This is a very good session for those who has limited background about social media marketing specifically Facebook.

I hope that agency will conduct more free training in the future. So if you want to avail of their free offering I suggest that you follow their Facebook pages at:








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