How to Start 2019 Stress Free

They say “the only constant in this world is change” however as I gracefully age, I realise change is not the only constant in this world. Stress I believe is another constant which we can’t hide from but we can mitigate, yes?

When we were born, up until our growing years and we became adult, stress is always there, the degree however vary thus sometimes we feel stress free but most of the time it weakens or disables is.

I’ve learnt to cope and find ways to minimise the impact of stress in my life. Over the years, I get through by keeping myself grounded, reflect on the goings-on and holding on my faith.

So I guess you were now wondering and eager to find out how I will start my 2019 stress free? Well quite simple, reflect and keep the faith burning, hold on to it.

Talking about reflection and keeping my faith strong, I laid out some action points which are improvements from my previous routines until last January 5, I received a gift from my one of my sister friends, Diane. We went to Tagaytay for an unplanned house blessing of another sister friend Doris and as well as to relax and bond.

After the blessing, we just lounge at Doris’ place and had this post holiday gift giving. Diane gave Doris and I, DIDACHE Daily bible reflections for Catholic. I love the book because it is handy and I can easily place it inside my purse.

My copy which I bring wherever I go, even at the office 🙂

Re-reading during my coffee break! Perfect combo.

I read DIDACHE every morning before I start my day, meaning if its workdays, before I start work at around 7:30 a.m., once I reach my office or right after I wake up on weekends. Reading the essays and storeis before my day starts made me more appreciative, calm and thankful of the daily goings-on. My day is very light and stress free although a tide may occur every now and then.

The stories shared by different contributors are very enlightening and relatable probably because some, I have experienced and others experienced by those close to me. Each anecdotes were written well and easy to digest, it is like enjoying a smooth, rich and very cold vanilla ice cream on a warm day. What I love most about this book, are the reflections and prayers at the end of every story told, as well as the bible verses that comes with it.

Today January 10, the narrative is all about proclamation. A lot may have known about the power of proclaiming and if you are one of those who doesn’t, then you should read these texts and reflect.

I have made my proclamations and will continue doing so.

If you felt that, at the beginning of the year, you are already stressed and challenged, do not allow both to bring you down. Try to reflect and on hold to your faith, if you are a Catholic get a copy of this book, it will light your path and open glad tidings. 🙂

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