Where to Stay in Makati CBD

This is a free advertising, I am not one of those commercial bloggers. I am sharing my story and experience with this hotel because I was wowed and satisfied. If you have followed my stories, by now you might have established that I work in Makati and travel a lot, work related or for leisure.

Alright then, let me share a lovely story. One day a friend of mine from the Northern part of the Hemisphere (am not talking about Santa 😂) surprised me and asked a favour. Me being her bestest friend from her most favourite tropical country, Philippines agreed to pick her up in the airport on Friday and drop her off in that same airport the next day, without checking my calendar! The result was a disaster, I have an out of town event the next day and in short can’t drive with both commitments. Had to sort out my schedule and the solution was to book her a hotel in Makati Central Business District where I work, stay overnight with her to catch up, then drop her off to the airport and off to my next event.

The challenge was,she doesn’t wanna pay 100USD just to sleep over also if I stay overnight I don’t wanna stay in a hostel either or outside the CBD. Great thing I found this lovely boutique hotel called Reddoorz Premium Hotel near Glorietta 5.

The location is very strategic just 10mins away from the airport without traffic and if I am the driver 😂 and around 30minutes with moderate traffic. It is situated in an old building owned by the Locsin Group of Companies if am not mistaken. The building is old, so do not expect a state of the art elevator but is functional. If you would like to exercise your lungs you can use the staircase, don’t worry the steps followed the standards, so it will not hurt your knees if you try to climb up and down.

The entrance of the hotel is facing Glorietta 5 which is a premium shopping mall, thus very accessible to restaurants, shopping, bars, coffee shops, cinema and even a church! If you don’t feel like splurging on food the building is beside a convenience store as well. Everything is within arm’s reach, perfect for those who are lazy haha or prefer convenience. It is also near car a 24-hr parking building and I was glad for that since I drove a car.

Upon entry we were greeted by courteous and friendly staffs, what I love most about their service was my requests during booking were granted. The hotel occupies the 7th -9th floor of the building of am not mistaken. Their service isn’t the only surprise, huge paintings wowed me while entering the hallway and the spacious room.

I am sharing the photos instead to describe the rooms, to make it more enjoyable to read my descriptions.

The spacious twin bedroom. The bed actually is double and this room can accommodate 6pax with additional mattress Toilet and bathroom, clean and neat too, toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, soap and dental kit are provided.

View from our room, Glorietta 5 shopping mall and spectacular Manila Bay sunset, though the window is a bit hazy thus the less vivid shot

Hallway and room decorated with big paintings, not just paintings these are really lovely collectionsCan’t help take a selfie haha, pardon my disheveled look, traffic that afternoon from airport to hotel was horrible😂

I hope the photos shed some truth on my story😊 Nor for the rate it ranges from 1,700 to 3,000 Php I guess depending on the date you booked and rooms. Our room was Php2,500 but it’s worth it. The room has WiFi, if I haven’t mentioned it yet.

Their surprises never end after we checked out, I received an email from Reddoorz and they give me Reddoorz money points, which is a loyalty points which I can use the next time I book anywhere. The points are discounts which ranges from 10%-20% max. For a first time guest, that was awesome!

So if you would like to book at this hotel simply click the link below and please write on the comment box your experience with them. I would love to hear it as well. Cheers!


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