The Album of “Producing Ceramics” at Taiwan National Palace Museum

Last summer I went to Taipei to visit my cousin and roam around my fave city. I also took the opportunity to meet my Taiwanese friend and ex-colleague, it’s a great thing he offered to tour me in tourist destination that I never get a chance to see during my previous visits. I stayed for 6days, so on days that my cousin can’t join me, I go out alone exploring.

Jack (my very hospitable, lovable and funny friend) accompanied and showed me around Jiufen.

On our way to the mountainous site, he enquired what I have been doing the past few days.

I proudly answered “oh I spent the entire day at the National Palace Museum” while smiling ear to ear.

He replied “What? Why spend the entire day in a museum” with a flabbergasted look while driving.

I started blabbering about how I love museums, and in which part of the National Palace Museum I spent time the most.

He was in complete disbelief cause he knew I’ve have been in that museum several times😂😂😂

I guess by now, you’re as amazed as Jack hahaha.. I’ve shared my fascination and love story with museums in my previous anecdotes, and it’s never boring, I think so😜

Now do you any idea where I spent most of my time at the National Palace Museum? Well, it’s at the permanent exhibition gallery of ceramic called “The Magic of Kneaded Clay” at the Northern section of NPM.

Everytime I go there, I would stare at the lovely ceramics and wonder how can they create such perfection thousand of years ago, where technology is not yet available. The shapes, colours and details are flawless.

If you study further, the ceramics reflects the taste, behaviour and lifestyle of the Dynasty which commissioned it.

While inspecting the gallery, I saw a series of painting depicting the process of producing Ceramics! It is a tedious task, no wonder the end result is close to perfection if not flawless. I am not gonna describe the processes as illustrated by an imperial court artist Sun Hu and his colleagues. Take a look by yourself.

I can imagine how laborious this task is, but I cannot picture myself being an imperial potter, if I was born in this era haha. I can see myself as the Empress though, surrounded with intricately designed ceramics, sipping tea from my personalised ceramic cup😂

Here are photos of my personal favourite ceramics, that I kept staring on and admiring that entire day.

Aren’t they lovely? I hope you also enjoy viewing the photos of these treasures, am telling you they are much rich and beautiful up close.



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