Where To Buy Made to Order Leather Goods in Metro Manila

Yesterday was my first day at fashion school after a long holiday. Was glad I’ve completed my 5th project and started creating patterns for the 6th and 7th projects. My schedule was a bit light so I decided to spend more time during lunch break.

After a quick lunch, I decided to look around at Makati Cinema Square which is situated across Slims Fashion and Arts School where I am enrolled.

Makati Cinema Square is a very old shopping area and is considered a historical landmark. It used to be a massive shopping mall with high end stores and huge cinema during the early years of Makati. Now it’s kinda neglected yet the foot traffic seems high.

To satisfy my curiosity about the foot traffic, I started to explore the mall and found out that there are variety of specialty stores and shops that cater to sports and entertainment enthusiast, such as a bowling alley, an archery shop and even target shooting place.

Among these, I discovered a made to order leather goods shop. I was strolling along the hallway and checking out the stores when I saw this wall decorated with leather belts in different colours and designs. I have always been attracted and a lover of leather belts, love it because it is durable, stylish and never goes out of style. I usually buy one especially if it is hand crafted. Among these belts which do you think I bought? Yep! You are correct, I got the snakeskin belt. It is very unique and posh. Would you believe I only paid Php900 for this lovely item? Original price is Php1,200 but bargained for it and got a Php300 discount, Believe me you can actually ask for discount.

This snakeskin shoes also captured my attention, if this is a high heeled pair I will not think twice to buy it. I enquired if they can customise and I was told they do, unfortunately they don’t have that same snakeskin, it’s limited.

A men’s pair of boots; it is so unique that it distracts my attention over that leather tote bag!

The colour of the leather contrasted the simple design of this loafers thus making it noticeable on the shelf.

More boots!!!! Love how the three tones of caramel coloured leather are combined. It outshines the black pairs.

More loafers choices.

Tell me which of these pairs captures your heart? Hmmm ….I know which one… (wink) … it is at the second layer from the bottom rack, left corner??? 😜😂

The store front, who would think that they customise leather goods? It wasn’t stated on the signage unless you go inside and closer.

The very accommodating store clerk, or maybe she owns the place who gave me discount😀👍

This smiling dragon enticed me to enter the store, after all dragon will always be attracted to its fellow dragon😂 another revelation about me, I am born on the year of the dragon.

Now, these are my niceties of life. What is yours?



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