LOMI: A Filipino Cuisine Part 1

I love to try every regional Filipino dish – when I say regional dish, this means cuisines of 144 distinct ethno-linguistic groups found throughout the Philippine archipelago. To satisfy my penchant for food, during my travel, leisure or work related I make it a point to sample at least one local dish. I hope to share with you the local cuisines that I have tried and love most.

One of my fave when I wasn’t a vegan yet, is Lomi Soup which is one of the most popular dish in Batangas province. It is my comfort and to go food especially if I am tired and stressed out. Since Lomi is quite a popular dish, some provinces came up with their own version of the soup.

So what is Lomi then? Lomi is a Filipino dish made with a variety of thick fresh egg noodles soaked in lye water to give it more texture. As I have stated, it is very popular in Batangas and is always present in eatery, panciteria or restaurant menu, thus they have created so many styles and ways of cooking Lomi, to create a difference. Below are some of the photos (I have more, so I guess I’ll have to update this post in the future) of Lomi prepared differently, which I have eaten during my travels. Among the three can you guess which I love most?

Lomi Overload from Batangas City. I call it overload as it is literally overloaded with mouth watering and heart pumping (cholesterol rich) ingredients ha ha … can you name all the toppings added in this bowl?

Cholesterol rich or not it looks enticing right?

Lomi sa Banga from Ilocos region. Literally this version is served in a clay pot to keep it hot while it’s served.

Original simple Lomi from Quezon Province. Simple no frill yet tasty.

  • If you are new to this country and recipe, here are some tips on how to consume Lomi.
    • Lomi is best eaten while hot and yes, it is a challenge to finish eating before the bowl gets cold.
      Spice up the taste, depending on your preference, a mixture of soy sauce, Calamansi juice and freshly crushed Chili Peppers is the best condiment. Add the condiment in your bowl, small portion at a time until you achieve the desired taste.
      The same soy sauce mixture can also be used as a dipping sauce for the meatballs.
      In Batangas small amount of finely chopped fresh Red Onions are added and eaten for more flavour, adding extra spice and ommmphhhh in the soup. On a personal note, I so love this😜

    Oh, I believe I already told you guys that aside from being a voracious eater (when am stressed lol) I can also cook! But no I will not write the instruction on how to prepare here, rather I am giving you a link for Batangas Lomi recipe.


    Enjoy! Please share your Lomi story too if you have.


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