Birdie Call

When I started to work at age 20, I already knew that I do not want to be stuck in the four corners of an office or laboratory ( I was a Chemist then) I always wanted to go out and mingle.

Bearing that in mind, I always look for job posts which requires travel, thus I shifted career from being a chemist to a marketing practitioner.

Anyway travelling for work and leisure has always been my passion, I am used to spending several days in a hotel and sleep in comfortable beds. When in the hotel, one of my morning habit right after waking up is to open the curtain.

Few years back I stayed at Royal Mandaya Hotel in Davao city, the room is heavily draped, and I love it. I like to sleep in a dark room, so the next day, a low tapping sound on the glass window woke me up, so I opened the heavy draping and saw this cute birdie tapping his beak on the window glass,l as if asking me to let him in.

I took a video of this cute little thing and posted on YouTube, recently I decided to activate my account again and saw it! Sharing this lovely scene because I know it will make you smile, just tap on the link and 😊



Published by nicetiesoflife

A typical Archer who loves to travel and explore. Very much fascinated with life and what it can offer.

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