Anecdote Series: 7-eleven’s Guy

I share a lot of my feel good stories and posted them on IG and FB. The reception was overwhelming coming from my friends. So, I thought of sharing them on this platform and infect everyone with happy thoughts. I hope you like these stories and you get some insights out of it. I also would appreciate if you can write some feedback😀 For today here is my anecdote:

I can’t help but share this story because it made me happy though someone very special made me happier today😍

So anyway this morning, instead of getting my coffee fix at Starbucks, I decided to go to 7-eleven instead. As I entered the cashier guy named Tan looked at me and grinned. I smiled back and winked at him. So while paying and waiting at the counter next to him, we had this conversation in a very light manner:

Me: hey, I am so happy to see you! You make and complete my day (grinning ear to ear)

Tan: really???? (On a high pitch yet funny timbre)

Me: of course, you’re my fave (other customers were staring at us at this point)

Tan: oh if I complete your day, you are shattering mine (jokingly saying it)

Me: OMG what have I done???? Don’t you know my weekend is incomplete because I don’t see you????

Tan: well then, report to work on weekends here in Makati so you get to see me (started laughing)

Me: whatttt???!!!!! Didn’t know what to retort back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 ran out of witty ideas hahahaha

While we were bantering other customers were already laughing at us!!! I am happy that we were able to put smile on other people’s face at early morning in the beginning of the week.

Btw… I don’t know Tan personally I just see him every time I purchase something at convenience store, and we started conversing on the first day his shift was transferred in the morning.

Thanks to this cup of City Brew… it infused my week with loads of happiness.

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