How to register a motorised vehicle and transfer ownership?

I have been driving for over 20-years however I have not experienced registering a vehicle at Land Transport Office as well as processing transfer of ownership. This is my first time (yep am writing this while waiting at LTO) and oh boy , it is a roller coaster ride! I don’t want you to feel my topsy-turvy registration experience, thus I am writing an Idiot’s Guide on Motorised Vehicle Registration and Transfer of Ownership.

Registration and Transfer of Ownership actually is fast and you can complete within 2-3hours depending on the volume of applicants. Mine however is running 5-hrs (while writing this)… maybe you’re eyebrows are now raised and asking the big WHY??? Well the answer is simple the documents that I brought and given to me are incomplete!!! I had to coordinate with people at the office to send pertinent docs.

Without further ado, these are the documents you need for registration and transfer of ownership (tow) if you bought the car from a company/corporation. You need to prepare the following original copies:

  • Official Receipt of previous registration
  • Certificate of registration
  • TPL (Third party liability) insurance
  • Corporate Secretary’s certificate
  • Deed of Absolute Sale
  • Emission Test certificate ( you can have this done and secure certificate at LTO office)
  • Highway Patrol Group (HPG) or Philippine National Police (PNP) clearance (secure this ahead of time or on the same day if there is HPG office beside LTO)
  • Your valid ID e.g. Drivers Licence, have it photocopied and sign three times (for specimen)
  • Photo copy vendor’s ID with three specimen signature ( vendor refers to the authorised person representing the company that sold the car to you)


Before you register, I suggest to secure the HPG/PNP clearance certificate. To get this bring a photo copy of the above documents (except emission certificate) also bring the original copy. Submit the document to the desk officer for validation. If everything is in order you will be required to:

  • Pay the fee (in my case I paid Php300.00
  • Prepare the car for stencil as well as photo documentation
  • Wait for the officer to process the docs and validate if there are no problems
  • If everything is in order they will issue original certificate


If your HPG/PNP docs are ready go to LTO accredited some emission test center which normally is inside the LTO compound. Secure the original certificate.


Present all original documents to an evaluating officer usually stationed outside. He will check the documents and endorse it to the person who performs the stencilling. That person will complete the forms so remind him that you will also transfer ownership because he has to perform a complete stencil procedure for that. Once complete the evaluating officer will sign the docs and you will be required to submit everything at the records counter (or depending on his advice)


Submit the documents for evaluation by the officer and wait to be called for payment.


Pay the registration and transfer of ownership fee at the cashier counter then submit the documents to the documentation window. Wait for your name to called. Once the transfer has been completed the officer will release the Official Receipt (OR) and the Certificate of Registration (CR) under your name together with the registration sticker.


Stick the registration sticker on your car’s window shield.

The process is quite straightforward and simple that is if the necessary documents were prepared prior to visiting LTO. So o suggest check all your docs first before heading for registration. Also it is best that you go in the area as early as 8am so you don’t have to queue. I hope these information are helpful.



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