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Tokyo is one of the cities in Asia which I wanted to visit. I have been to Osaka and Kyoto, the latter gave me my fix of culture and history. Now with so many great stories about Tokyo, I am also curious and wanted to experience what this great metropolis can offer.

Last February and early March I get a chance to go to Tokyo for business purposes, yay! Yes, it wasn’t really fun filled because I have to work while there. Our head office is located at Aoyama, Minato, in a way I get to see the city and I plan to go back for leisure.

Aoyama (青山) is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of  Tokyo and is located in the northwest portion of Minato Ward. The area is well known for its international fashion houses, cafes and restaurants. Speaking of international fashion houses, I am proud to say that our office shares the same building where you will find one of the biggest name in fashion industry, Alexander McQueen. The ground floor is occupied by the latter and is used as their showroom and shop, whereas our office occupies the second and third floors.

Since our office is at Aoyama, the company have decided to book our accommodation at Tokyu Stay Aoyama Premier Hotel which is just 10-mins walking distance from our office. It is a high rise condotel located in the main road.

This is the lobby at the 14th floor, quite spacious and modern interior

This area also serves as a common working space for business travellers, it has a smoking room so you don’t have to go down to puff.

 One of my favorite spot at the lobby, this offers a great view of the street at the same time it’s few steps away from the coffee bar! Yep you heard me coffee…unlimited

The coffee bar-you can have unlimited brewed coffee and other choices like latte not mention they also offer juice and soda. It is unlimited and self service.

 The view from the lobby.

Also when you arrive you may help yourself with different types of tea, drip coffee, bath implements and skin products.

The stash which I brought in my room. took several pieces and I felt guilty after I saw the sign.

My room is non-smoking at the 20th.

The space is a bit small yet cozy with a view, looking from the bed.

Although the room is small, the amenities are what I would want a room should have… microwave to heat food if I decide to buy from supermarkets nearby, a water heater for coffee or tea anytime I want..

Oh yes!!! The room has a washing machine!!! Detergent is given at the front desk upon check-in or you want more simply request.

Toilet and bath is also small yet complete

This is my fave…bath items… love these. So after a tiring meeting / conference spending time in a bath tub is relaxing

Tokyu Stay Premier May not be a luxurious 5-star hotel but it’s location is very convenient and the place has all I needed for a 3-night stay. I am telling you though the rooms are small, this place is still a bit pricey! Well staying here is all about being in the heart of the city and accessibility.




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