Discovering Daruanak Island, Camsur

“Let’s go to Bicol on second week of May” friend told me over messenger. Without much ado, I agreed because it’s been a long overdue plan. The idea is to drive from Makati to Pasacao, Camarines Sur where their home is. It is a 10-hr trip by land , so am glad that we both can drive.

I will write about our land-trip story on succeeding days, for now I am more excited to share my boating experience on our second day stay.

My friend’s family house is facing the beach and is just walking distance. On Sunday after breakfast, we decided to go to the beach and brought along a book to read while lounging. At 9am the sun is already scorching, the sand is so hot that it can burn my feet if I don’t wear a pair of slippers.

Regardless of the scalding sand I still decided to sit by the shoreline and eventually swim. The water temperature is perfect, it’s coldness compliments the hot weather however it is not crystal clear due to the creamy sand.

I took several photos of the beach on my way back to our complimentary cottage.

I noticed some boat owners waiting and encouraging guest to go on island hopping.

Met this guy Eddie boy (yep that is his name), he owns a boat and offered a ride to the neighboring Daruanak Island and some other tourist spots. We opted to go to the island instead after finishing our Taho!

The island is in Barangay Balogo, on our way we passed by Petron and Shell depots, this structure actually is owned by the oil companies.

Saw and passed by Pasacao Port which hosts inter-island ships transporting goods.

Ships are anchored in the middle of the sea on our way to the island.

The island as seen from afar, it is conical shaped and looks barren.

Some greens can be seen at a closer look though it still is 95% barren.

Our boat captain decided to show us first, the area where we can dock and climb the stony island.

Poloy the boat assistant trying to pull and anchor our colourful boat in the less stony part of the island. It’s a good thing the water was calm , it became easy for him to accomplish his task and for us to get-off.

Another boat came after us and also docked in that area.

Looking at the crystal clear water while standing at an elevated section of the island. This is the part where the staircases starts leading to the peak of Daruanak.

My friend enjoying the view while I am happily taking stolen shots of her😂

Exploring the island isn’t complete without a selfie though!

There is a paved section of the island and staircases were built for convenience of those who would like to hike and climb the peak. Unluckily it wasn’t accessible when we came, the staircases are being repaired and hiking towards the peak is prohibited! Too bad….

A better view from afar, the staircases can be seen, how I wished it was open then.

Our rented and colourful boat, we paid Php1,200 to reach this island and the opposite side of the beach to explore a cave (I will again write about it soon).

This is the small shoreline of the island where tourist can swim…It is quite deep..near the boulder is knee deep but a meter after, the water is more than 8 ft deep…I dove to find out if it is indeed deep! Swimming in this area is not recommended for those who cannot swim…life vest should be worn all time (as you noticed these tourist were all wearing life vest) especially during high tide.

Can’t help taking photos of the beach

Me enjoying the warm, blue water… I can swim so no need for a life vest as I have warned earlier.

This is how clear and clean the water is, I can see the pebbles and the sand

As new sets of tourists have arrived, we have decided to leave and go to the next destination.

Daruanak Island is very lovely however it is also small thus visiting the place during peak season (March – May) is not recommended as it may become too crowded. We are simply lucky that we came during national election day so few tourist on that day. Pasacao is a small town and less touristy as compared to other municipalities of Camarines Sur nonetheless it is still worth visiting if you have time..

I hope the photos (these are not altered, that’s how beautiful the island is) will encourage you to visit the place in the future.




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