What Is A Dog Friendly Coffee Shop in BGC, Taguig

My 7-yr old Labrador Retriever, Callen, is quite a huge baby, although he is very friendly and calm,  people, especially those are not dog-lovers get scared of him when we are out in public places. One day my friend Kelly whom I have not seen for over 6 years invited us for that long overdue meetup with her fur baby. Kelly recommended that we meet at High Street in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

I was a bit apprehensive at first to go with Callen because the weather is quite hot considering that it is supposedly the start of rainy season, furthermore we will have to drive for about 35 minutes from home  thus my boy might get uneasy. Kelly informed me that we can meet up at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at High Street as this coffee shop allows fur babies to be taken inside which is air-conditioned, with that in mind, off we go to TCBTL, High Street.

Here are some of the photos I manage to snap during our weekend dates.

The proud mum (yes that’s me) with my ever so well-mannered baby boy. We we’re relaxing at the back of the car while parked and waiting for Kelly and her baby to arrive.

I trained Callen myself and I am so happy that I am a very good trainer (wink). Callen doesn’t need a leash whenever we walk, he walks beside me and never wander far, in fact he is afraid to lose sight of me.

Inside TCBTL, I queued and he followed, was actually wondering if he had plan of ordering something. The guy behind us was so amazed with him.

We decided to take the table by the door and here he is lounging and watching all guests coming in. The funny thing was, most of the guests would stop and pet him before they go inside and order.

One thing I love about this branch of TCBTL is that all their staffs are fur baby friendly and are not afraid to pet the furry guests. In-fact they even allow our babies to walk around, and since it was early morning and the guests were very few, we were even allowed to play fetch inside.

Callen and his friend Alex were so at home that they act like they own the place ha ha

Meeting  friends at coffee shop has never been this fun, especially if allowed inside the air-conditioned property 🙂

As I have stated earlier, I love the food choices here at TCBTL.. even Alex can say no to the Blueberry Cheesecake in front of her…. 🙂

The new receptionist, giving everyone his cutest smile and wagging his tail on each guests that came that day….he likes to give and take attention… who wouldn’t right?

And of course, the proudest mum of all…. me and my super handsome, well-mannered and sweet boy. I highly recommend this branch of TCBTL, one of the friendliest coffee shop I have been to and with nicest staffs ever. Callen and I, would love to spend our weekends here… How I wish TCBTL branch in Vista Mall Daang Hari is fur baby friendly too.. so we don’t have to go far 🙂

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