Where to find Vegan Food in Makati City Part 1

In my previous post I remarked that being a vegan working in the central business district of Metro Manila like Makati City is a bit challenging. At the beginning I really had a hard time to look for my food preference hence I opted to bring my packed lunch instead. I can cook so cooking my meal is easy, what make it difficult sometimes is that I had to wake up early or stay up a little bit late when I reached home just to prepare.

During those times that I do not have a packed lunch, I resorted to buying my lunch from a canteen or cafeteria within or near our office building. The food choices aren’t appetizing, although vegetables are sold it is still mixed with meat. Since I cannot tolerate the “vegan/vegetarian” food sold in canteen or nearby resto’s I have decided to look for vegand restaurant through Food Panda, also when I am and about I try my best to scope for restaurants offering vegan meals.

With that in mind I have compiled a list of restaurants offering vegan menu and also has delivery through Food Panda. These are some of my fave food providers which you might want to try as well:

1. COSMIC -Vegetarian & Vegan Cafe Bistro                                             2/F 5057 P. Burgos, Cor General Luna, Makati City                                   

What I like about this cafe is that they gave our favorite regular food like bagnet, longganisa, tempura and more a vegan twist! So the menus are your usually fave but 100% vegan.

The other day I had my lunch delivered and I ordered this Miso Mushroom Sinigang, well no need to elaborate this is your vegan miso sinigang twist with mushroom replacing the meat or fish! I must admit this is soooooooo appetizing !!! I love hot soup it warms my heart, thus I fell in-love with this dish 🙂 This cost me Php120 only.

I was curious with their Tofu Skin tempura so I ordered this as well with sweet chili sauce on the side. This was delivered at around 10:30 a.m. and ate it at 12:00 p.m. and I was amazed because it was still crispy!! This vegan tempura is cost me Php60.00 only!!! Can you imagine that??? My vegan meal was only Php180.00 …. right I know plus the Php35.00 Food Panda delivery charge… but common this is still reasonbale compared with other food provider 🙂




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