Marketing, Commute and Traffic in the Philippines

I am not really a fan of billboards on expressways because it is a distraction for drivers, although I am a marketing professional myself and managing an international men’s cosmetic brand. However with the current situation in South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) going towards SKYWAY wherein traffic is horrible, from heavy to standstill…billboards are becoming an eye candy😉 My standpoint on this, is slowly changing, thanks to the management of the expressway system.

I was stuck for 3-hours in a 2-km stretch of road and within that period I was able to read, memorize the copies and analyze the contents and graphic designs of these billboards 😂 Here are some photos of billboards (okay guys, just to let you know, traffic was on standstill while I took these shots)

So far this is my favorite ad! This is a very good reflection of Filipino character😉 FUSO (which by the way sound like PUSO in English Heart) connected with me the most.

“Sa negosyo, isip at Fuso ang ginagamit”! Makes sense right?😂👍😉😊

If  I own a business, I wouldn’t think twice to buy a delivery truck from this company simply because of the emotional connection!


But of course hunk Piolo Pascual’s ( a very famous Filipino actor) billboard is my second in the line.

He is actually almost successful in convincing me to eat his sardine brand although I am vegan, quite compelling! Who wouldn’t??  It is delicious, fresh and EXTRA HOT…. now I’m confused,  if I am even talking about the sardine or Piolo ha! ha! ha!

Finally actress Liza Soberano reminding me to take care my skin! Yeah it is timely, traffic really has an impact on our skin, it makes us dry, old and even causes wrinkles (wink, wink)… and she is the skin goals barometer !

Well to achieve these skin goals… I might need tons and tons of anti-oxidants, face masks, moisturizers and more…… or probably I just spend thousand of pesos in that beauty company she’s endorsing to keep my skin young and fresh! What do you think?

The bottom line here, which compelled me to write about, is that marketing, commute and traffic in the Philippines all go together! It’s a huge business, an industry that has both an advantage and disadvantage 😂 Reading this, I leave it to you to decide which is true, the previous or the latter!

I hope you like the photos though. Have a great Monday guys!


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