One Sunday I went to Tagaytay to attend a kiddie birthday party. I left our place as  early as 9:30 A.M. although the party was scheduled at 1:00 P.M.  It’s not because I was excited to attend a party but for the reason that I don’t want to be stuck in traffic, although Tagaytay is just 15-mins drive from where I live.

Traffic was miraculously light, I was in the area after 45-mins. , normally, on a weekend it takes 1-1.5 hours drive. Was about to stay at  Bag of Beans to work (yep I brought my laptop) but it was full .. full of guests who were just there to pose and take photos for social media. So I decided to drive at Mushroom Burger instead since I haven’t been there for ages, I think the last time I came here was 20 years ago?!  LOL… i’m not kidding.

After 20-yrs, to my amazement the property didn’t change! The building, signage and parking are still looks the same, well as I recall.. though there might be some improvements78928742_2678642259050421_8789982610890686464_n

The interior still looks familiar though it is more breezy. I love the cafeteria concept, reminiscent of campus life, it’s simply casual and unpretentious. 78680021_2944742468870202_6030563580313600000_n

Read this poster while waiting for my order to be prepared. This material is very informative and kept me entertained while waiting.80344373_1015606112134519_3585939938564112384_n

Because I am too lazy to list all their meal offerings, I instead snapped a photo of their burger meals for you to check on. The meals are very affordable as compared to the most famous burger chain that I don’t wanna name here ha ! ha ! ha !78388633_1389242717923878_6803603916308086784_n

This is their souvenir shop that almost emptied my wallet…I know its not their fault if I bought a lot..I took home fresh mushrooms 1 kilo and its so affordable, I paid Php180.00 only ! Yep you read it right! 1 kilo mushroom costs a fortune if bought from big supermarkets.


Bought half kilo of this mushroom… please don’t ask me what it’s called because I cannot name this! LOL ! Yay it’s called Oyster mushroom…79262170_2201657600136910_6748118857308700672_n

And… surprise!!! I bought this starter pack and am now growing them at home 🙂 Will share photos soon..78834034_691445571383840_4953147532050956288_n

I took home one of these.. apparently this is the starter pack !79363357_2174426362657492_7726181037725712384_n

I also bought a pack of dried Oyster mushroom for only Php100.00 🙂 78698679_838220469928888_2308503986266701824_n

This type cannot be eaten, instead I was told to boil 3-pcs in 1-cup of water to make a tea. The tea is a very powerful anti-oxidant which I badly needed for my AI issue.79524749_2374208129558490_9213867952833560576_n

After waiting for almost 30-minutes, my orders were prepared. I order  Mushroom Ramen, Regular Mushroom Burger, Mushroom Fries and Sago’t Gulaman (a traditional Filipino drink)78954673_664122311084364_4164861389300563968_n

OMG….this Mushroom fries is so heavenly! I can’t get enough of this!79420012_817041178735507_8520624376872173568_n

Mushroom filled burger, it doesn’t look appetizing but I promise you.. this is better than any other fast food burger 🙂79804231_968126376901516_5095912189135421440_n

So my plan originally was work on my laptop and while eating at Mushroom Burger, instead I spent my almost 1.5 hours waiting for my order, buy take home goodies and eat! I wasn’t able to open my laptop and work on something. I am not complaining though because I had a great time.

Mushroomburger had evolved by offering more food choices, even came up with an idea of Mushroom Ramen. This place is recommended for vegetarian like me but not for strict vegan people. The dining area had improved and expanded although it still have this old ambiance which I like.. reminds me of my younger years.

If one of these days you’d like to check this place out click the link to Google Maps below.,120.929515,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x33bd77a4ffffffff:0xd9113dff2e0b6d52!8m2!3d14.0970497!4d120.9317037

It is unfortunate that their website isn’t functional

Well I hope you find today’s story interesting guys.. I you need more information please do not hesitate to ask me through the comment box 🙂





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