Taal Volcano Eruption x IPhone 11 Pro

The phreatic eruption of Taal Volcano took everyone by surprise. Although it has always been monitored and an alert level warning is announced, the explosion was unanticipated. What everyone expects to be a normal behavior of the Volcano was in fact an imminent danger. After just few hours of amazing display of smoke it erupted affecting thousands of people who weren’t prepared for such.

We live 45kms away from Taal Volcano, about 25-minutes drive, yet we felt the impact immediately. Our area was reeking of Sulfur, it was difficult to breath and there was ashfall. It was so heavy that the streets are covered and made it a a bit difficult to drive.

We monitored the news, I felt guilty to sleep because I feel for those who are fleeing the danger zone even at night. The next day, I surveyed our place, my car was heavily covered with ash which looks like a fine sand but if you look closely and magnify it is silica, abrasive and hazardous to health.

So I took photos of our plants in the garden using IPhone 11 Pro and these are how they look like:

Eggplant leaf covered with Silica

Feels and looks like we live by the beach

The roof of our house

More …

Sweeping and cleaning the garden

A closer look at silica/ ashfall . Even the smallest leaves are coated

These photos looks creatively made but reflecting on these, I feel the fear, sadness and worries of those affected. I send them my prayers and also help on my own little way.

This is by the way the second volcanic eruption I have experienced in my life which I felt the impact, first was Mount Pinatubo in 1990s when I was in high school and now Taal.

If you are reading this, please offer prayers to all affected, that is one huge help. Thank you 😊


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