7 Ways To Make Yogurt Taste Better

Yogurt is a staple and has been existing for over 5000 BC and may have originated from Mesopotamia. There are a lot of resources explaining its history and origin but guys, I’m not talking about it today 🙂 Yogurt by the way has many health benefits and these include but not limited to:

  • Provides most nutrients that our body needs like Calcium, Vitamin B and trace minerals
  • It is very high in protein (Greek variety) which helps in appetite and weight control
  • Boost digestive health as some Yogurt contains Probiotics
  • Strengthens the immune system and prevent certain illness due to its high vitamins, minerals and Probiotics content
  • May also reduce risk of Osteoporosis if consumed regularly
  • May benefit heart health by increasing “good” HDL cholesterol and reducing blood pressure.

If you would like to learn more about the scientific basis of the claims above please click this link                    ——->https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/7-benefits-of-yogurt#section5

Yogurt has many culinary uses and other non-culinary applications too. For person like me who is practicing healthy lifestyle and always on the go, Yogurt is my life saver. How? Well, since I am too busy and I wake-up very early and leave home early for work, to beat the traffic, I can no longer cook healthy breakfast. I can purchase on the go and ready to eat breakfast from convenience stores and fast food but I am sorry to say but I despise them.

So what could be the easiest breakfast to prepare that is healthy? How about a bowl of Yogurt? Yes, I eat Yogurt daily but it became boring eventually. Imagine eating same thing for 7 days! Breakfast became dull, however I will not sacrifice my health for some excitement tho…

I thought why not add some color on my dull Yogurt breakfast by adding something on it without spending too much time. I came up with my usual Yogurt and fruit mix pre-quarantine however when the country was on lock down and I’m stuck I home, I came up with my 7-days Yogurt mixtures.

DAY 1: Simply Awesome – simple yet packed with health benefits. This is my whatever-is-available in the fridge and pantry mixture: Greek Yogurt, Ponkan, Mango and Raisin… simple yet awesome 🙂

Day 2: Asian Delight – like Asia it’s unique and fresh. Yep, both Kiwi and Apple are native of Central Asia and was introduced to Europe and America. So my Asian delight is a mix of Greek Yogurt, Kiwi, Apple and Raisin for the uniquely fresh flavor. It will surely wake you up in the morning. Looks a bit weird but I consume it with freshly brewed Barako Coffee from Batangas 🙂


Day 3: Seed It Up- why not level up your Yogurt mix with seeds? To make it extra exciting and healthy I mixed Greek Yogurt with Mango, Kiwi, Chia Seeds and Flax Meal. They not only add texture but also more added health benefits for you. What’s more? I sprinkled my brewed coffee with Flax meal too…


Day 4: Tropical Mix- a sweet and creamy mix of Philippine fruits and seeds. This time of the year, Avocado and Mango are abundant. So this mixture I added the two fruits and of course the all year round Banana, with Raisin,Chia Seeds and Flax Meal.  One of my favorite among my seven mixes 🙂

Day 5: New Super Mix- purple colored fruits and vegetables are the new super foods. They are very rich in vitamins and minerals. My day five is mixture of Greek Yogurt, Cranberry, Dragon Fruits, Chia Seeds, Flax Meal, Raisins and my all time favorite fruit, the Philippine Mango!!!!


Day 6: Healthy Pastel- ran out of Greek Yogurt so I used naturally flavored Strawberry Yogurt produced by a local food manufacturer in Bulacan. For my healthy pastel colored mix I combine Strawberry Yogurt with Kiwi, Banana and Chia Seeds paired with brewed coffee. Simple yet vitamins and minerals rich 🙂


Day 7: Immunity Boost- a mixture of fruits that boosts the immune system. So on the seventh day I put together naturally flavored Strawberry Yogurt, Dragon fruit, Philippine Mango, Raisin and again Chis Seeds!! 

If you notice I prefer to use Greek Yogurt except on the last two days since the grocery ran out of supply but I shifted to naturally flavored one. Greek Yogurt is better than the regular one in terms of consistency at the same time it allows better absorption of nutrients by the body.

If you would like to learn more about Greek Yogurt and its health benefits read this article https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/greek-yogurt-benefits#substitution

I hope you get inspired with my 7 exciting Yogurt mixes. You can be more adventurous and add different kinds of fruits and seeds. The key here is that you like what you mix, and of course always bear in mind that they should be packed with nutrients. In times like this wherein COVID-19 is prevalent, we all should stay healthy by boosting our immune system. With a strong immune system we are protected from the virus 🙂

Stay healthy and safe guys!



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