How To Cook Spicy Tofu with Curry Leaves

I like Korean dishes and lately have been learning to cook them. Recently I googled Spicy Tofu recipe and found a lot !!! Since we are still in quarantine, I decided to check and follow the simplest recipe (when I say simplest it means the ingredients are readily available and easy to find).

The simplest recipe I found tho has meat in it, however I am vegetarian. Thus I made a slight modification on the recipe, considering that some of the fresh spices needed are not available. With limited ingredients I opted to replace some of the spices with curry leaves (yup fresh ones, we have couple of Curry tree in the garden) and powdered chili.

To start with you will need the following:

  • 2-3 cups medium sized cut Tofu
  • 1 piece large onion
  • 1 small ginger
  • 3 pieces free-range organic eggs, beaten
  • Light Soy sauce
  • Sugar Cane vinegar
  • Kosher Salt
  • Cornstarch
  • Chili Powder ( supposedly fresh red chili but I don’t have stock)
  • Sugar
  • Olive Oil … and…
  • Fresh Curry Leaves for that twist in aroma and flavor

How to cook? Simple… all you need to do is first prepare and fry the Tofu until a little bit brown ( do not overcook unless you want it crispy).

I prefer mine tender and juicy so I didn’t over fry it, set aside. Prepare the sauce while frying Tofu , by mixing the light soy sauce, sugar cane vinegar, powdered chili, a dash of Kosher salt, sugar and cornstarch. Mix well and set aside. If you notice I didn’t specify the measurements, its something that one should learn by heart without really being boxed on commercial recipe measurement. So go ahead, create your own ratio and proportion, by then you are also developing your cooking style. Next steps are:

  • Saute ginger and onion in heated Olive Oil
  • Add Tofu and mix
  • Add beaten egg, saute and while the egg is being cooked add the sauce mixture
  • Add several pieces of fresh curry leaves, mix so that the cornstarch sauce consistency is even, let it simmer for few minutes or until the sauce mixture is cooked
  • Serve while hot, and top it with fresh curry leaves

My end product doesn’t look appetizing, but believe me it really is flavorful and good. I didn’t intend to write about this, but I realize why not share my spicy Tofu recipe, it is quite good and I am sure those who are into vegetarian meals would love this. I hope this inspires you to create your own meals without being too hard on yourself by following the recipe to the T. Try to reinvent and create your own, that’s the best way to develop your own cooking style and discover something magnificent.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you like my twisted Spicy Korean Tofu recipe 🙂


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