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Sunflowers start to blossom in our garden and the neighbor’s front yard. They dance with the wind and follow the sun, oblivious of bees visiting them nor of my presence 🙂 I usually sit on a a cement block situated near these flowers every morning, while I sip my freshly brewed coffee and play fetch with my dog. One morning instead of sitting on my usual spot, I chose to take several photos of these lovelies while admiring them. Their images are so beautiful, I feel that I will not give them justice if I just keep it in my phone memory…what to do with them, I don’t have an idea yet.. until…

I read several poems about Sunflowers from .. This website is one of my go to site, if I would like to connect to someone else’s world- and read about life lessons and more. There are poems about Sunflowers that resonated with me.. So I decided to share them here together with my Sunflower photos 🙂 Hope you like them..

by Margaretta Sackor

I wish I could be as vibrant and bold as a sunflower
Wish my petals could stretch towards the sun
in hopes of growing. I wish these pale painted
faces would stare in awe instead of disgust.
I wish I was as yellow as a sunflower
or maybe an oddly pink tone fleshed with red
I want my color to be praised not discussed
like dirt being picked out of fingers

I have come to the realization that I am a sunflower
Beautiful, bold, and magical
My brown petals stretch out from limb to limb
meeting at my bud with a smile so dazzling
and eyes small but fill with love and hope.

I am a sunflower in the boldest of ways possible
like coffee with no sugar no cream. I am loved like Jupiter
loves Juno, My brightness is appreciated like a full moon
at 12 midnight. I could fill a whole field with my petals
just for your grazing but you don’t deserve it.

I am a sunflower. What are you?

Sunflower Eyes

by Valerie Garcia

Your eyes were like a sunflower
They drew me in
And swallowed me
Down into your heart where I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine

Your eyes were like a sunflower
Comparable in beauty
With colors patterned
In the shape and design

And my eyes were like a sunflower
Just like yours
But different in color
Contracting and eating your existence

This moment I cherish
Because your eyes hold so many secrets and
In that second of gaze connected by a line
I could see them all clearly without rose tint

I’ve taken off my pink hued glasses and
I see the world through clear thin glass
See it for what it is
Through your sunflower eyes

Fingerprints litter the glass
Making it difficult to see through to it’s beauty
Tainted by past hands
Even without the rose applied

Will we ever see the world for what it is?
If we look through sunflower eyes

My Sunflower

By Gia

My sunflower he was.
Strong like a stalk.
Bright like the petals.
Radiating the vibrant energy he always held.
I would love to see you blossom just once more,
but instead I sit wishing for you to walk through that door.
I hate to see another year pass without you by my side,
But I know you are with me- you are my guide.

His sunflower I will be.
My sweet brother, please hold me tight, and remind me I can get through today
I will be strong & resilient because you wouldn’t accept it any other way.
I will lead a bright future for you to be proud of,
Because everything I resemble is your unwavering love.
I will radiate your energy- through each story & each photo I share
Because I will never forget, our bond was so rare.

My sunflower he was, his sunflower I will be.

Your Sunflower

by Cingyeng Vang

Sunflowers follow the sun
They sleep when the sun sleeps
And awake when the sun awakes
The heat of the sun can set many things to ablaze
But can also awaken life and reveal what the dark has hidden from your face

You are the sun and I, your sunflower
I was once asleep
Then You arose
And then I arose
You are the sun and I, your sunflower
I follow wherever you go.

My Own Kind Of Sunflower

By Quenniebelles, 2015

Your face is always into sunshine;
It gives hope and clear aura to everyone.
The way your eyes say Hi whenever you smile;
It lessens up a bad vibe not just for awhile.

You are clothed with strength and dignity.
And you laugh without fearing the future and reality.
In the darkest days of your life;
I know you’ll stand tall to find the sunlight.

You won’t bloom to where you’ve planted.
I know you’ll explore more to get started.
It’s your goal for a better life to get;
Pursuing to reach your dreams and to be contented.

You are a flower that will not wither.
It’s because you know how to get yourself watered.
Even in cloudy days turned rainy.
You still know how to make yourself shiny.

Your influence is like spreading seeds;
Planting good vibes to the ones who are in need.
You are a sunshine that lightens up a day.
A sunflower that smiles, feeling like summer.



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