Sunflowers start to blossom in our garden and the neighbor’s front yard. They dance with the wind and follow the sun, oblivious of bees visiting them nor of my presence 🙂 I usually sit on a a cement block situated near these flowers every morning, while I sip my freshly brewed coffee and play fetch with my dog. One morning instead of sitting on my usual spot, I chose to take several photos of these lovelies while admiring them. Their images are so beautiful, I feel that I will not give them justice if I just keep it in my phone memory…what to do with them, I don’t have an idea yet.. until…

I read several poems about Sunflowers from .. This website is one of my go to site, if I would like to connect to someone else’s world- and read about life lessons and more. There are poems about Sunflowers that resonated with me.. So I decided to share them here together with my Sunflower photos 🙂 Hope you like them..



Published by nicetiesoflife

A typical Archer who loves to travel and explore. Very much fascinated with life and what it can offer.

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