Where To Buy Avanza Tires In Metro Manila

To own a car in the Philippines used to be a status symbol. I suppose until now it may still be a status symbol for some. For me however, having my own car is a necessity.

Living in a place where public transport is so bad, my definition of bad; is when most of the public transport like UV express (point-to-point van) is illegal/ collurum, I have no choice but buy a car, so I may reach my office on time and safe. This is one of my reasons aside from being able to transport my huge dog, a Labrador from home and any place I want to bring him.

Owning a car is no bed of roses though. In fact, I find it a huge responsibility and quite expensive. Why did I say so? Well, let me itemize why;
1. It requires yearly registration which means, fees and taxes
2. Need to maintain a comprehensive and third party liability insurance yearly
3. Regular maintenance is required, at least every 5,000kms mileage
4. Change or replace parts especially those that needs regular replacement like break pads
5. Replacement of tires every after 6 years or once the thread are worn

Tire replacement I found out, is quite expensive and there’s no point of replacing just one tire if all four units are expired and worn. For my Avanza 2014 car model the tire size is 180/70R14. It is very vital that you know your car’s tire size before buying a new set. Anyway I decided to replace the existing Dunlop tires and I started canvassing for the same brand in Bacoor, Cavite (where I live)! Apparently this brand is not that popular to tire dealers and has limited stocks! I found 2 dealers but they only have 1 tire available 😅

I was tired of looking for same brand and quite frustrated so asked my friends and researched on what are the best tire brands that are suitable for Philippine weather and road condition. Finally, I decided to purchase Yokohama tires, this is a Japanese brand, now locally manufactured in the Philippines yet using Japanese technology which I believe is reliable and high quality (I should know, has been working for a Japanese company)

Yokohama isn’t cheap, though not as expensive like those high-end brands, still I find it a bit pricey. I canvassed from local dealers in Bacoor, 1 pc of. 180/70R14 would cost between Ph3,650-P3,950 that means I have to shell maximum Php15,900 for 4units 😭 I searched and searched on where to buy this brand at a lower cost until our company driver advised me to buy from Yokohama dealer; Tyretown Corp. in Tramo, Pasay. The store is located in Aurora Boulevard, Pasay.

Yokohama Pasay
2315 Aurora Blvd, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila
(02) 8852 2798

I contacted the store first, I was told that labor is free if I purchase 4 sets, I can have the wheels aligned for free too, if no parts are to be replaced. As for payments they accept cash or credit card, sorry guys no debit cards tho.

Ok, I know you’re quite excited on how much I paid, would you believe, 1 tire is Ph3,250 only? Since I bought four, I paid Php13,000 and saved Php2,900!! That’s a huge amount of savings right? Glad I was referred to this dealer. When I came there were several customers so I had to wait at their receiving area.

It only took 30 minutes to have the tires replaced and wheel aligned. I was watching them work from the reception, so I can attest that the quality of work is very good.

Watching from the reception while my car is being attended
And because I had this replacement done during GCQ, social distancing is reinforced! I have no choice but to stay and wait at this specific spot! 😂
Wheel alignment area
I can’t really stay put and sit in a corner, need to know and understand how wheel alignment is being done 😂

With the quality of work, customer service level, price and brands they sell, I give this dealer 5 stars out of 5. I am so satisfied and happy. Well freebies like 2 pieces of Yokohama souvenir umbrella made me happier 😂 Who wouldn’t right?

I hope my story will be a great help to those who are looking for tire dealers that offers quality products and services at a reasonable price! Up next would be my story about the performance of Yokohama tires 😊

Cheers and keep safe guys!

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