A Good Grill Cafe and Restaurant Along Tagaytay-Batangas Road

A quiet place offering a lovely view of nature and delicious food is my ideal stress buster. The pandemic has prevented me from going out for several months and it affected me somehow. I have been overloaded with work lately and need some time to destress, relax and connect with nature. The same goes with my bestfriend, thus we decided to go on a joyride in Tagaytay. Initially I plan to go to the beach but with quarantine strictly implemented in nearby provinces, it’s a futile goal.

I’m a typical Sagittarian, thus I love adventure and there are times that I don’t really plan my activity, and this is one of those times. My friend rely on me entirely, so off we go to a quiet place. Unfortunately Tagaytay City isn’t really quiet despite the quarantine.

The restaurants and parks are crowded! We can’t even find a place to park the car. We are near disappointment, but I decided to just drive and rely on my luck! So I kept on driving until we reach Tagaytay-Batangas road and took the way towards Laurel (R. Diokno Highway). The breeze is so cool that we forgot about our objective, instead we are enjoying the view and the fresh air.

Won’t you forget all your worries in life if you’re looking at this view, while enjoying the cool Tagaytay breeze? I’m very sure you will 🙂

The view at Tagaytay-Batangas Road, this area is in Laurel.

I checked Google Maps and this is the area where we stop and found a restaurant overlooking Taal Lake and Volcano. It is in the municipality of Laurel, Batangas. This place isn’t crowded and very few tourist (I hope ) would go here since it is quite far from Tagaytay City. The best thing about the resto is, it is perched on the mountain and along the hi-way which is very accessible yet it offers the view and ambience that we’re after. As for the food… hmmmmm……

The restaurant is called Golden View Grill Cafe and Restaurant. The signage looks decent and the place itself looks comfortable. It has several parking spaces, probably it can cater to maximum 8 cars, luckily the place is almost empty. I like the facade, it is simple and the country vibe… yes.

The restaurant has enough spaces not too spacious but still offers privacy as the tables are well distanced from another. The crew are very polite and greet us warmly. We noticed that the restaurant has a second floor and it offers a very good view of Taal and the surrounding mountain range, however we decided to stay downstairs since the air is so cold and I can’t tolerate cold breeze and rain, altogether.

The restaurant is high ceilinged, with wide glass windows and takes advantage of the fresh air, so even without air-conditioning system it is very comfy especially during cool months from October to January.

Now about the food… they offer mostly Filipino cuisine but there’s few selection of Italian pasta for those who don’t eat Filipino food. Check the photos for the menu and prices. You’ll be surprise to find out that the food are reasonably priced and the serving is good for 1-2 persons.

Because we are craving for Lomi and Batangas Goto (good for cold weather), we ordered both! The serving size is perfect. A warning though, you have to eat the hot dish right after it is served. we also ordered Kapeng Barako after and was surprised that it comes with Batangas Suman for only Php90 !!! Yep it’s correct! Php90 !! For me it is a steal… Their Suman is so delicious that we order 10pcs each to take home. I enjoyed their Goto, Lomi though is so-so probably because they used a different noodle.

As I’ve stated earlier, each table is properly distanced, and not to mention that there are only 4 customers during our visit, I decided to even do tarot reading for my bestfriend while sipping freshly brewed Kapeng Barako. I love the ambience of these restaurant, my energy is at its peak and I am able to channel all the messages that my friend has to hear.

We are very satisfied to find this place, we are able to relax, enjoy good food while communing with nature. Thanks to my lucky stars, our visit is very quiet, few people and the place is ours for over 4-hours. I am able to read tarot properly without any distrcation.

This place is busy on weekends and especially during tourist season I bet, so I suggest to drop by on a weekday day and non-peak hours.

If you would like to know more about this place visit their Facebook page and follow this link —>https://web.facebook.com/goldenviewgrill/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Hope you enjoyed my story guys! Now that you already know that I do tarot reading (intuitive).. would you like me to write a story about it? Let me know!


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