Haiku 02 – Moon Secret

Moon watching – a habit since childhood. The moon always fascinates me, that enchantment further fueled when I learnt that the moonlight is mostly sunlight reflected from the parts of the moons surface where the sun’s light strikes.

How can something borrowed can glow so beautifully and make it look like its own? Isn’t that bewitching? As I’m always attracted to the moon, I took photos…and wrote this haiku.

Moon Secret

What mystery is hidden
In that borrowed glow

The moon represents so many things. As an intuitive tarot reader, for me the moon is a symbol of intuition, dreams, and the unconscious. As its light is a reflection of the sun, it is dimmer compared with the latter, to which it slightly illuminates the path to higher consciousness. It may bring clarity and understanding, by using our intuition to guide us through the darkness.

I hope you like the poem, and that somehow it piqued your interest on the moon’s symbolism. Cheers and stay safe!


Edit: This video was taken during the November 19 full moon while moon bathing 😊

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A typical Archer who loves to travel and explore. Very much fascinated with life and what it can offer.

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