Haiku 03- Green Leaf

In our day to day life we often see the same thing over and over again, and thus they become a regular perhaps ordinary to us. These ordinary things and events most of the time we no longer notice unless something stands out.

I maybe guilty of not paying attention to these common things around me- sometimes😉 Especially when I’m pretty preoccupied, but most of the time I’m really mindful about almost everything.

One of the things that may seem irrelevant to some and sometimes an eyesore (especially if dried) but quite fascinating for me are leaves! The symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, unique patterns and vibrant colors are simply awesome. Their distinctiveness always capture my interest, and I tell you, I really stop to admire them when I see one. Embarrassing to say, but I definitely take photos so I can look at them anytime I want.

Leaves maybe attractive especially if their colors are vibrant but mind you they are not just an eye candy like one in this photo. The main and most vital function of a leaf is to produce food for the plant by photosynthesis.

Symmetrically asymmetrical😉 These leaves fell on my car’s hood and can’t ignore them. How can I? Look at the shape and color! There’s so much life in it (tho it’s about to dry)

Anyway enough of this blabbering and allow me to share this Haiku about leaves. Read through it and hope that the meaning will touch your heart.

Green Leaf

Green leaf what we see-

Special patterns obviously

Purpose forgotten.

Golden Rosary adorn our front yard, rarely do I see her bloom.
My fave tree near our office 😊 I usually go here and stare at it when I’m stressed at work
San Francisco/ Croton variety which we used to collect

Please let me know if you like the poem and if it speaks to you. I leave you with this quote:

Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf.

Alfred Schweitzer



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