Where to Snorkel and dive in Mabini, Batangas

There’s no place like home, except the beach. Do you agree? The beach is one place that give me solace aside from my own home. So when life becomes too noisy, busy and stressful, I go to my comfort place somewhere near our city. One of the dive resort that I frequent is Mayumi ResortsContinue reading “Where to Snorkel and dive in Mabini, Batangas”

Haiku 03- Green Leaf

In our day to day life we often see the same thing over and over again, and thus they become a regular perhaps ordinary to us. These ordinary things and events most of the time we no longer notice unless something stands out. I maybe guilty of not paying attention to these common things aroundContinue reading “Haiku 03- Green Leaf”

Haiku 02 – Moon Secret

Moon watching – a habit since childhood. The moon always fascinates me, that enchantment further fueled when I learnt that the moonlight is mostly sunlight reflected from the parts of the moons surface where the sun’s light strikes. How can something borrowed can glow so beautifully and make it look like its own? Isn’t thatContinue reading “Haiku 02 – Moon Secret”

A Good Grill Cafe and Restaurant Along Tagaytay-Batangas Road

The restaurant is called Golden View Grill Cafe and Restaurant. The signage looks decent and the place itself looks comfortable. It has several parking spaces, probably it can cater to maximum 8 cars, luckily the place is almost empty. I like the facade, it is simple and the country vibe…

Where To Buy Avanza Tires In Metro Manila

To own a car in the Philippines used to be a status symbol. I suppose until now it may still be a status symbol for some. For me however, having my own car is a necessity. Living in a place where public transport is so bad, my definition of bad; is when most of theContinue reading “Where To Buy Avanza Tires In Metro Manila”


I was 9 when I had my first dog- she was a gift from my Godfather. She was an adorable and the most beautiful dog and I named her Chiqui. Chiqui have lived and loved her 11-years with me, I was already 21 when she left for Rainbow Bridge. I have had a number ofContinue reading “DOG QUOTES and LIFE LESSONS”


Sunflowers start to blossom in our garden and the neighbor’s front yard. They dance with the wind and follow the sun, oblivious of bees visiting them nor of my presence 🙂 I usually sit on a a cement block situated near these flowers every morning, while I sip my freshly brewed coffee and play fetchContinue reading “SUNFLOWER POEMS”

How To Cook Spicy Tofu with Curry Leaves

I like Korean dishes and lately have been learning to cook them. Recently I googled Spicy Tofu recipe and found a lot !!! Since we are still in quarantine, I decided to check and follow the simplest recipe (when I say simplest it means the ingredients are readily available and easy to find). The simplestContinue reading “How To Cook Spicy Tofu with Curry Leaves”

7 Ways To Make Yogurt Taste Better

Yogurt is a staple and has been existing for over 5000 BC and may have originated from Mesopotamia. There are a lot of resources explaining its history and origin but guys, I’m not talking about it today 🙂 Yogurt by the way has many health benefits and these include but not limited to: Provides mostContinue reading “7 Ways To Make Yogurt Taste Better”


“With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.” Recently I was rereading DESIDERATA by Max Ehrmann, an inspiring poem reminding us to strive and live a happy life by accepting who we are, keeping peace with our soul, be kind and compassionate toContinue reading “DESIDERATA BY MAX EHRMANN”


Okra also referred to as Lady’s Finger, Gumbo or Bhindi is biologically categorized as a fruit although popularly utilized as vegetable. It is a flowering plant with edible seed pods and usually cultivated in warm and tropical climates, in countries like the Philippines. The most popular variety in this country is the green colored comparedContinue reading “HEALTH BENEFITS OF OKRA TEA”

Batanes’ San Carlos Borromeo Church and Blank Book Archives

I’m both a spontaneous and organised traveller… but experience had taught me that “some of the most thrilling things in life are done on impulse”, if  I may quote Syrie James. And so on a rainy month of August, more out of whim than thrill,  I decided to travel in Batanes with a friend. MyContinue reading “Batanes’ San Carlos Borromeo Church and Blank Book Archives”

Open Sky by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater

Woke up with a full heart, can’t contain my happiness. Grateful for the gift of life and everything that comes with it!  I love to share this wonderful gift today and I feel that this poem by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater perfectly describe how amazing life is.  Recently discovered Ms Vanderwater’s poems… love her work. It resonatedContinue reading “Open Sky by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater”

BIKO: A Long Shelf Life Recipe

BIKO is a sweet rice cake that is very popular in this country. It is made of  glutinous rice, brown sugar and coconut milk. This rice cake is often topped with either latik (coconut curds) or the syrupy caramel-like variant toppings. I am not really a huge fan of Biko and I don’t eat thisContinue reading “BIKO: A Long Shelf Life Recipe”

My Books of 2019 Recommended for you this 2020

I have been decluttering my social media accounts including Instagram and realised I have used  IG to journal some of the books I have read this 2019.  Certain books had great impact on me and some really are simply for entertainment. Anyhow, the photos of books I am sharing today is a partial list ofContinue reading “My Books of 2019 Recommended for you this 2020”


One Sunday I went to Tagaytay to attend a kiddie birthday party. I left our place as  early as 9:30 A.M. although the party was scheduled at 1:00 P.M.  It’s not because I was excited to attend a party but for the reason that I don’t want to be stuck in traffic, although Tagaytay isContinue reading “MUSHROOM BURGER IN TAGAYTAY”