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Category: HEALTH

Sagada Accident and Recovery

February 22, 24 and March 1 are very unforgettable date for me. One year ago on that same dates, an unexpected event happened while I was on a holiday. I […]

Homemade Moringa Tea

Malunggay is a common vegetable in the Philippines. It is also known as horse-radish tree or Ben oil tree in English, its scientific name is Moringa oleifera. Moringa has so […]

LGBP Sonogram

“You’ve lost weight? You look slim than the last time I saw you.” A friend remarked while we are eating snacks one hot afternoon. “You think so? I feel huge […]

Yubi Lax Germa

You will surely agree with me and raise your two thumbs up if I say that life is full of stress!! Don’t fret though there are so many ways to […]